Mawlana Manzoor Ahmad Chinooti

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيم

Allah has blessed “The Alqalam” with another auspiciousness. The special Edition on “the Conqueror of Rabwa and General of the Finality of Prophethood Movement i.e. Hazrat Maulana Manzoor Ahmad Chinioti” is in your hands.

This edition will, by the grace of Allah, reach and will be sent far and wide. Do you know how much organized is the “Mirzai group?”

These people keep smelling everywhere like dogs. As soon as someone writes against them, they, at once, approach their elders to complain to them. Who are their elders? All the Jews, the Christians, the Hindus and all enemies of Islam are their elderly ones and their patrons. They tell the robber organizations of in the name “Human Rights” every year that such and such person has written against them that year, such and such scholar has delivered a speech, and such and such organization has threatened them. Mirzai group is the worst enemy of Islam and the Muslims. I request the Muslims by the love of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa to perceive every “Dajjalian Subversion” and try to end up that wickedness. “Shezan” is the company of the Mirzai. Do not use its juices and other products at all. It will be our minor contribution to the “Finality of Prophethood Movement;” otherwise there are many other jobs to do. The Mirzai have penetrated into the very fabric of Pakistan. When Pakistan was established, the first Foreign Minister Sir Zafrullah was Mirzai. From this wicked person to Neelofar Bakhatiar, there is a long chain of oppression of the Mirazi to Pakistan. Mirzaaiat is not the name of a religion. It is the name an oppressive conspiracy against Islam. The true scholars took daring steps and the Mirazi were termed “Non-Muslims” during the Bhutto regime. Then the channel of their mischiefs changed, they began to work in the guise of Human Rights Organizations, Journalistic Institutions and different NGO’s. They approach every ruler of Pakistan with the help of America and Britain. President Parvez Musharif has regularly been under their influence. The Mirazi ruled over his presidential and personal personnel. The scholar who speaks against this subversion that is insolent to the Holy Prophet , is termed “Sectarianist” at once. The Mirzai conceal their religion and reach high posts. Then they join the nationalist organizations and get the true Ualma killed. The subversion of Musailma Kazzaab was very hard. But Hazrat Siddique-E-Akbar, with sword in his hand, came out in the field. O, yes, no Muslim can ever tolerate anyone who tries to lay hands at the Finality of Prophethood of the Holy Prophet . The Sahaaba(RA) offered great sacrifices. Nearly six hundred Huffaaz Sahaaba(RA) and their followers were martyred in one day. Allah be thanked that subversion died its own death. But the subversion of accursed Mirza Ghulam Qadiaani is still inflaming and has made thousands of people the fuel of hell. Actually, the Muslims lack the depth of perception and religious modesty and many of the sub branches of the Qadiaanis have been labouring to erase the passion of Jihad and religious modesty from among the Muslims. I kept studying daily “The Express” for sometime. A humorist column writer Mr. “Sa’dullah John Barq” very humoursly opposes Jihad and disgraces the Ulama. After a little research, it came to be known that he was the “Denier of Hadith,” and believed in “Two Islams” of Doctor Ghulam Gilani Barq. Where should the poor Muslims go? O Allah! Be kind to the Muslim Ummah! The Mirazi and other deviated people enter the ranks of the Muslims and spread the poison of infidelity. It is very difficult to work against them because the internal and external rulers work at their back. But Allah is one. There is no ground for feeling fear of retreating. Mirza and his disciples made their utmost efforts but they have not yet been able to extinguish the candle of Jihad. The Fedai of Islam cut every net spread by Mirza. Now, only the unfortunate wicked people follow him. Mirza died of cholera on May 26, 1908. It is May 12, 2008 today. One hundred years have passed since the death of that accursed. It is the auspiciousness and good luck for “The Alqalam” that after his hundred years entry into hell, it is raising the standard of the Finality of Prophethood. The Mirzai may carry this news far and wide and complain against it. Allah be thanked, we feel no fear at all. It is a great auspicious to lay down thousands of lives in the name of the Holy Prophet not to speak of only one newspaper.

“Fat-hul-Jawwaad” is also a death-knell to the accursed Mirza. “The Alqalam” preached much. Today, “The Alqalam” is going to scatter a few more flowers on the path to Madina. Hazrat Chinioti who was “a whip of torment” for Mirzaaiat and devotee to the love for the Holy Prophet is the chief guest of this Edition. Nearly three hundred years ago, Hazrat Chinioti’s brother and successor Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Iliyas sent a questionnaire to the Ulama. Actually, he was trying to compile the complete biography of Hazrat Chinioti. This detailed biography has not yet been published. May Allah, it be, published soon! Today, we are copying a three years old article in today’s column. As this article has not yet been published, it is totally new and fresh. It comprises a few questions and their answers. The name of the answerer is Maulana Muhammad Masood Azhar. Please note this writing comprising thought-provoking lessons of Hazrat Chinioti through his own tongue.

Venerable Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Iliyas Chinioti “Assalaam-o-Alaikum!”

I received your letter. The pangs of separation from Hazrat Maulana Manzoor Ahmad Chinioti are refreshed. His demise is a national tragedy and we are finding ourselves deprived of the “Divine Blessing.” May Allah grant you with the power and capacity not to let the colouring of his high throne bedim. The decision of compiling the said Hazrat’s biography is very sacred, essential and appreciable. It will, by the grace of Allah, open a new chapter of persuasion to Din and the world of wild lovers of Din will ever more be populated. You have sent me a few questions. Note their answers.

Q: Your name and address?

Ans: Name: Muhammad Masood Azhar, Jamia Masjid Usman-o-Ali, Model Town B, Bahawalpur.

Q: Speciality of relation with Hazrat Maulana Chinioti?

Ans: Hazrat Maulana was my dear teacher.

Q: When and how were you introduced to him?

Ans: When I got admission to Jamiat-ul-Uloom, Allama Binnori Town, Karachi, I happened to gain many bits of information about Hazrat Maulana Chinioti. One of Hazrat Maulan’s sons, Maulana Muhammad Idrees also got admission to that Jamia that year. In this way, we remained class fellows for nine years. Hazrat Maulana’s elder son and now successor was one of the distinguished students of the Jamiat-ul-Uloom-ul-Islamia. There was much talk of his piety and oratory among the students. Guided children are a great blessing of Allah. Besides other blessings, Allah had showered upon Hazrat Chinioti this good blessing also. Both of his sons were a great cause of good name to their father in the Jamia. The purity and simplicity of their father was clearly discernible in them. Whenever Hazrat Maulana came to Karachi, he stayed at the Jamia. In this way, I happened to visit him from the very childhood. Then the organizer of the Jamia, Imaam Ahl-e-Sunnah, Hazrat Maulana Mufti Ahmad-ur-Rahmaan invited Hazrat Maulana Chinioti to come there during annual vacation and deliver lectures on “The Rejection of Qadiaaniat.” Then the classrooms of the Jamia began to resound with the forceful voice of Hazrat Maulana Chinioti. I also happened to receive lessons from him on this topic. In this way, there developed deep cordial relations between us and I kept calling him venerable teacher till the last days of his life. He also considered me his pupil. This introduction with this so high-ranked, Allah’s beloved and pious person may be a source of salvation for me in the Hereafter. Insha-Allah!

Q: A few details of your meetings with him.

Ans: Allah be thanked, there were many meetings with him. As he was the well-wisher of the people, every meeting with him proved very useful from religious point of view. Here I may mention a few visits.

* It was the sacred month of Ramazan. Hazrat Maulana came to Jamiat-ul-Uloom-ul-Islamia, Allama Binnori Town. Those days, I was assigned with the duty of leading the prayers and Juma Prayers in a Masjid situated in Delhi colony. I invited Hazrat Maulana Chinioti, Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Amin Okarvi and Hazrat Maulana Allama Khalid Mehmood to come there. Therefore, all of them came to that Masjid. It was an Even Night of the last ten nights of Ramazan and the entire world was awake. All the three made speches. Hazrat Maulama Chinioti started his topic from ‘Itikaf and extended it to the neck of accursed Mirza Qadiani that he is the “Denier of “Itikaf.” Then he delivered a very forceful and argumentative speech on “The Rejection of Qadiaaniat.” Then we all went to the Punjab Colony adjacent to the Delhi Colony where the companions had arranged a feast. All of us were exhausted. Allama Khalid Mehmood jokingly opined that the Imaam should lie down on his prayer mat and the others should lie down on the ranks. Then Hazrat Maulna Chinioti led the Tarvaveeh prayers because there had been no Tarvaeeh Prayers that day which was then offered in the open ground of the Punjab Colony.

When Allah blessed me with release from the Indian Prison, I stayed in Qandhar for a few days. Hazrat Maulana Fazl-ur-Rahman stressed me on the phone for the meeting. When I came to Karachi from Qandhar, his reminder phone again came when I was staying with Hazrat Maulana Mufti Nizam-ud-Din Shamzai. I promised to go to him. When I reached Bahawalpur, Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Azam Tariq Shaheed came to me. He invited me to come to Jhang. I promised to stay at Jhang while going to Dera Ismail Khan. I went to Jhang abiding by that promise. The mat for breakfast was laid. But I was blessed with another auspiciousness also. My venerable teacher Hazrat Maulana Chinioti had also come there to visit him. This was a memorable meeting, a very memorable. I had received slaps of the said Hazrat. During his teaching at Jamia Binnori Town, Hazrat Maulana would slap very affectionately on the student sitting to his right. At that time, he enjoyed good health. So, when he slapped on the back, the entire body would shake. He would teach devoutly, passionately and dedicatedly. He did this duty considering it a sacred duty. I had also happened to sit to his right. The object of saying all this is that I was slapped by him kindly time and again but the wild passions of love that he showered on me in the drawing room of Maulana Azam Tariq were totally unforgettable. How great heart had Allah given him. I estimated it much on that day. Numerous people were striving to meet him but Hazrat Maulana made his pupil sit with him all the time and kept shedding tears. I had seen him after seven years. I felt age creeping on him rapidly. On the other hand, the said Hazrat Maulana did not let old age come near him in order to drop the lightnings on the enemies of the Finality of Prophethood. But till how long? Man is very weak. But why should the heart not pay tributes to those great people who would have wasted away their youths for the cause of Islam and the Finality of Prophethood. He kept driving old age away so that his awe on the enemies of the Holy Prophet may remain settled. Very few people are blessed with such a passion and thinking.

Being lost in the love of Hazrat Maulana, I forgot to take breakfast even. I also forgot which topics were discussed. Probably, Hazrat Maulana put his signatures at a book and gave it to me and persuaded me to participate in the function at Chenab Nagar.

* Once, I happened to go to Faisalabad. I came to know that Hazrat Chinioti had been operated upon. I reached the hospital at once. He expressed great delight. He welcomed me very warmly and then he was lost in detailed discussion on “Protection of Finality of Prophethood.” During his discussion, he told me that the doctor had informed him that the wounds would keep bleeding for three days after the operation. But it lasted for one day only. When the doctor expressed amazement, I said, “It is all due to the blessings of the Finality of Prophethood.”

The pain of the operation, fresh injures, the atmosphere of the hospital and old age; one talks only of oneself in such a situation. But my respected teacher did not talk of himself even on that day. His topic on that day was also “The Finality of Prophethood.” I was pleased as well as wondered. I obtained light as well as passion. I may be ransom to the Holy Prophet and his Finality of Prophethood that his Fedai are so devoted and single-minded.

* Hazrat Chinioti invited me to participate in the function at Chenab Nagar. So, I reached and delivered a speech. On my return, I was to invite Hazrat Maulana to join the Session on Tafseer at Kohat. It came to be known that there was some dispute over a Masjid in Chiniote city. The Maulana had gone there to settle it. The time was short. Our caravan set out to search him out in which we succeeded at last. He was trying to settle the issue of the Masjid with the help of some great people. Then an aspect of his social life was also exposed to us. As soon as we met him, he briefed us about the Masjid and also expressed delight at my participation in the function. We told him that “Session on Tafseer Ayaat-el-Jihad” was going to be conducted in Kohat after a few days. Hazrat Maulana Abdul-Hafeez Makki was also coming there for two days. During this five days’ session, hundreds of verses of the Noble Quran on Jihad are going to be taught. Allah be thanked, hundreds of Ulama and thousands of students are coming to participate in it. You should also be kind to us and come there so that the students may come to know of the malicious writings of the denier of Jihad i.e. Mirza Qadiani. Listening to our Persuasion, Hazrat Maulana was beside himself with delight. He got his diary brought and discussed the details with the organizer Mr. Asif Qasimi over the time and journey to participate in the programme. Then he bade us farewell after serving cold drinks and blessing us with supplications.

The session on Tafseer of verses on Jihad at the valley of Shuhada “Tappy” in Kohat was in full swing. The said Maulana probably came on the last day. Thousands of students received him with resounding slogans. Maulana’s throat was hoarse due to long journey and regular appointments. I introduced Hazrat Maulana to the audience and invited him to deliver a speech. There was impact of the devotion, yearning and love of knowledge of the gathering on him and thus the old Fedai General of the Finality of Prophethood at once grew young. Then he delivered a philosophic and historical speech and persuaded the students not to show any negligence with regard to Qadiaani Subversion and also try to attend the fifteen days’ course at their institution.

I came down the stage to bid him farewell and then assisted him to ride the car. He greeted me and went away. In this way, the last union in this world completed. Then the heart-rending news of his demise was received and I kept tantalizing to participate in his funeral prayers.

* These few visitings have been mentioned because every of the meeting highlights a separate quality of this great man. Otherwise I had a chance to be with him in many functions. There were many collective and individual sittings. Many times, I had a chance to get benefit from him. May Allah raise him in degrees even more.

Q: In what capacity did you see him and how did you find him?

Ans: Hazrat Maulana had an impressive personality. He was also distinctive due to some of his qualities. Allah had endowed him with some of the blessings due to which he was enviable to his contemporaries and his successors. A few aspects of his life that became more distinctive to me are the follwing:

The Best Teacher:

Allah had endowed him with so great depth of perception that he would make the most difficult and dull topics very interesting, easy and acceptable. The quality of the teacher is that he should be able to grasp the heart and mind of the reader and carry it to the level of his own heart and mind and prevail upon the senses of the students. Allah had blessed Hazrat Maulana with this quality in abundance. It is stated without censure that before Hazrat Maulana, we had received lessons on “Rejection of Qadiaaniat” from another teacher also. He was very loved one of Allah. His services to “The Finality of Prophethood” movement are appreciable. When he started the lesson, he would offer arguments and answers and would finish the courses with a sequence. The fact is that we could not grasp the true guise of Qadiaaniat nor could this topic. The next year, when Hazrat Chinioti gave us lessons on “The Rejection of Qadiaaniat” all the estimation changed. Besides giving philosophic points about Qadiaaniat, he would also disclose its political designs. He would create so deep yearning in the students before offering an important argument that the capacity to memorise and receive that argument was generated in them.

He would teach argumentations and different methods in the light of his experiences. He would neither get tired nor let the students get tired during his four hours’ consecutive lessons. He drew the attention of the students to him with the help of tit-bits, incidents and igniting style of oratory. During this period, he would teach the entire syllabus in a sweet impressive manner particularly, he would instil the passion of love for the Holy Prophet in his students that an instinctive abomination against Mirza Qadiaani, his progeny and his subversion was created in the students.

This fine style of his teaching led him to so high position at Dar-ul-Uloom Deo Band that he, no doubt, disevered.

A Strong Arguer:

Arguing is a religions service. One of the learnings of the Noble Quran is “Argumentations” also. The Ulama have written books about the rules and regulations of argumentation. An excellent part of the history of the Muslim Ummah is also the “Arguers” of the Ummah who foiled the falsehood with the help of their arguments and shattered their ranks. The success in Argumentation requires vast and deep authentic knowledge. Knowledge is the pre-requisite for an Arguer but mere knowledge is insufficient but being quick of wit and repartee are also essential. In the same way, awe and dignity also leave some marks on Argumentation. If the chain of questions and answers continues long in argumentation, people begin to presume that both the parties have arguments. So, it is essential to knock out the opponent as soon as possible. For this purpose, besides having skill in psychological knowledge, deep perception of the weak points of the opponent is also required. A good high-pitched tone also has a good effect in argumentation rather its importance in the age of ignorance of religious knowledge has also increased even more. Moreover, as the field of transposition is also very vast like learnings, therefore great agility, quickness and skill are required during argumentation because it is never clear where opponent may open a new chapter of transposition. Allah had endowed Hazrat Maulana Chinioti with all such qualities of argumentation out of His grace. He had very extensive knowledge. He perceived the weaknesses of the opponent. He was very alert and quick of wit. He had the skill to entangle the opponent in his own net. He would very soon knock out the enemies of the “Finality of Prophethood.” Beside this, Allah had endowed him with great dignity, high-pitched tone, excellent oratory and natural awe and splendour. Qadiaaniat would always tremble during his arguing period and the Qadiaani teachers would advise their disciples to avoid argumentation. The fact is that he was so great ranks-breaker in the field of argumentation whom the world will, by the grace of Allah, never be able to forget.

Pride of the Muslim Ummah:

Man is always stung by the Self and the Satan so much that he is unable to recover throughout his life. Allah has blessed the Ummah of the Holy Prophet with the grace that there has been no lack of dignified personalities in it in any age. These dignified people are the pride of the Muslim Ummah and this earth is protected against general ruination out of the blessings of these dignified characters. Accursed Mirza Qadiaani sowed the seeds of impurity on behalf of the British. All the shoots and flowers of that plant excel one another in filth and impurity. Although the age of accursed Mirza Qadiaani is the latest yet impurity has penetrated into the very fabric of the bodies of his followers whereas centuries have passed since the age of the Holy Prophet but, in spite of all this, many individuals from among his followers are pure and immaculate in this age of obscenity and immorality. Mirza Qadiaani’s sons, grandsons and disciples are all filthy and corrupt whereas the flowers of the Holy Prophet even after the lapse of fourteen hundred years are pure, pious, innocent and immaculate.

This point is sufficient for those who possess good reasoning in order to expose the reality of Qadiaaniat, and the holy pious man whom Allah chose for this job was Hazrat Maualana Manzur Ahmad Chinioti who invited the prominent members of Mirza’s family and his successors to invoke the curse of Allah in open words. He also pronounced that they were indulging themselves in every kind of immodesty whereas Allah has protected him from every kind of immodesty. If you doubt my claim, let invoke the curse of Allah in the open field and let Allah decide it. Then the liar will be cursed by Allah openly. Obviously, it was a very simple thing. If the people who call themselves, God forbids, Prophet and the followers of Masih had been holy and pious, they would have accepted the challenge at once. But how? They were hit by death. All of their job moves round luxury and immodesty. They have started the “British Mission” i.e. campaign against Jihad just to follow their whims in this mortal world. Hazrat Chinioti kept challenging this Qadiaani Khalifa every morning and every evening. He kept their immodesty exposing and kept protecting the Muslims from falling in the filthy ditch of Qadiaaniat with the help of holy shades of Maidna. May there be the blessings of Allah upon this dignified person who devoted every breath of his life to the protection of Finality of Prophethoood!

A Successful Statesman:

The field of democratic politics is always full of mud, flith and marsh. People enter this field to serve Islam and then they are lost in the Blue Area of Islamabad. Then Islam keeps peeing at them in amazement. A short while ago, I happened to meet a very holy pious young man. He was also very fond of the recitation of the Noble Quran. His bad luck is that he won the elections and reached the Parliament. He was crying and telling me that his belief had been devastated and then nothing left was with him. Many of the supporters of Jihad when became the members of Assemblies, began to term Jihad the game of the Agenises. And numerous worshippers of Allah discarded worshipping Allah when they reached the Assembly. How much did the religious people lose in this mud and marsh of politics is a long tale? That is why; many people including America have no objection to the Ulama and extremists’ coming into politics rather when a Kashmiri Mujahid who has killed five hundred Indians wishes to enter politics, is warmly welcomed and all of his crimes are turned into righteous deeds. Avoiding the details of this heart-rending tale, let me tell that a few sincere slaves of Allah passed through this marsh of politics safe and sound rather they collected many costly pearls of Din in that marsh also. These people not only safeguarded their own character but also kept their objectives and targets in view. The greatest achievement of these people is that they were not affected by the deceitful surroundings of the Assembly, politics and Islamabad nor did they make progressing in politics their object of life. They used politics for their “Religious Ends” but they themselves were not exploited at the hands of politics.

Whenever history opted them to choose between politics and Din, they kicked politics out of great abomination. We can call only such statesmen successful and glorious. Hazrat Maulana Manzur Ahmad Chinioti was also a successful statesman in this regard. In this marsh of politics, he got the name Rabwa replaced with Chenab Nagar which is a glorious achievement. The Muslim Ummah should be grateful to Hazrat Maulana Manzur Ahmad Chinioti at it. He was elected the MPA thrice. Every time, he kept scattering the exhilarating fragrance of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat in the Assembly House. He completely avoided the mud and marsh of politics and fought the fight of Islam and the Finality of Prophethood which is itself a great endeavour and achievement. In the last elections, when it was decided to prey “The Finality of Prophethood, Jihad and Mujahideen” by pushing the Ulama into the blind well of politics, Hazrat Maulana Manzur Ahmad Chinioti was not let elected whereas the times when the Ulama used to win only three or four seats, Hazrat Maulana Chinioti would win elections. But when there was the pressure of the religious sect and the military government also wished to confine the maximum Ulama to the Assemblies, Maulana Chinioti lost his committed seat. Probably, the government estimated that this said person could not be confined, and in his presence in the Assembly, no bill against the sanctity of the Prophet and the Finality of Prophethood would be passed. In this way, our successful statesman lost elections but found his target.

During fifty seven years of Pakistan, there are maximum Ulama and members of religious parties who have been the members of the Assemblies. More than one hundred and fifty members of parliament belong to the religious political parties of the country. But the loss that has been done now to the Finality of Prophethood, Jihad, Mujahideen, Madaaris and Sanctity of Prophethood was not caused during the last fifty two years. It is certainly a critical moment. May these people who have been elected to protect and serve Din prefer the protection of Islamic values particularly the Finality of Prophethood, Jihad and Madaaris to the membership of Assembly and participation in the government and may not fall a prey to a policy that is harmful to Islam and the Muslims.

Unconditioned Support of Jihad:

An important and distinctive aspect of the life of Hazrat Maulana Manzur is that he always supported and served Jihad in the way of Allah. This policy on his part is the living proof that Allah had blessed him with high status of the truth of his sayings and doings. All know that accursed Mirza Qadiaani was not only opponent of Jihad but the worst enemy of it. He had launched a special compaign against Jihad. The range of that movement touched the rule of the British. The British wanted to keep his power forever. The greatest hinderance in the way of their wish was Islam’s command Jihad and the Muslims’ fondness for martyrdom. Except Muslims, the British had the experience about all the other nations that they accept slavery considering it their lot or an auspiciousness whereas the Muslims do not accept slavery. They come out in the field to counter the exploitative powers. Therefore, in order to change the command of Jihad and generate the passion of slavery in the Muslims, instead of the love for martyrdom, the British got the support of this Dajjaalian movement. They spread this Qadiaani movement all over the world with the help of their resources. This thing becomes clear after the study of Qadiaani literature and mentality that the gist of this movement is “Denial of Jihad.” In order to serve the British government, accursed Qadiaani showered so many bullets of transpositions and misinterpretation of Jihad that its evil-effects began to run ranpant. So much so, the ideas of many people who used to work againt Mirza Qadiaani were under the influence of the transpositions of Mirza Qadiaani.

Allah had raised Hazrat Maulana Chinioti as a real Mujahid against Qadiaaniat. Therefore, when he chased Qadiaaniat, he served the Idea of Jihad fully. He went to Afghanistan many times. He supported all the Jihad movements all the time and in every situation. He was the life force of the gatherings and functions of the Mujahideen. He was a great supporter of the Jihad of Kashmir. He kept supporting Jihad in his speeches till the last breath of his life. In this way, his existence became a perfect sample of “Rejection of Qadiaaniat.” Moreover, Allah’s special grace and favour on him was that he remained much away “Jealousy and narrow-mindedness.” He very fearlessly and dauntlessly supported most of the religious organizations and good deeds. He also encouraged those who were much younger than he whereas there is very little of this sort in this age.
Mad Passion For His Object:

The most impressive characteristic of Hazrat Maulana Chinioti is his mad and wild adherence to his mission and target. We have heard the word “Single-mindedness” time and again but the “Single-minded” people are very rare. People make some religious task their mission but soon they deviate. Some people forget their mission due to hard days, poverty and valuelessness whereas some people change their route due to fear and pressure. When some people find “Glitter” in other things, they get entangled in their own constrains. Allah had endowed Hazrat Chinioti with an ideal single-mindedness. Steeped in love for the Holy Prophet , he came out to chase the Qadiaanis. Neither the torturing in jail could hamper him nor the exhaustion in the railways hindered his way. He had forgotten his being so much that I do not remember during dozens of meetings, he would have said anything about his ownself. Whenever he met whether in journey or stay, in good health or illness, he always repeated his most cherished topic. He made protection of the Finality of Prophethood his personal issue and then kept fighting for it. I remember that after the function in Gujranwala, an MNA was also with us during the dinner. Hazrat Maulana Chinioti said to him, “My dear, get my problem also solved.” I thought that it would be a personal matter. But he described in detail as to give Qadiaani estates in the possession of “Auqaf.” He got promise from that MNA to try to solve the issue. In the same way, he used to say about the present Qadiaani leader Mirza Mazroor, “He is my culprit.” Then he would relate the details of his capture. The state of his mad relation with his object was that he searched out Muhammadi Begum who was the living example of Mirza Qadiaani and met her when she was at the last stages of old age. All the thousands of qualities and achievements be placed to one side. But the most enviable and practicable quality to me was his single-mindedness, devotion and lamentations. Man is very much bound and weak. Everyone has numerous opponents and enemies. Everyone is suffering from different diseases. Therefore, he cannot remain single-minded to his object. But the candle of “The Finality of Prophethood” is very exhilarating. This sincere devotee moved round it only. He kept sacrificing his youth, life and comfort with great pleasure. Moreover he prepared many other devotees but then he himself was called out.

Q: A few incidents that may highlight some aspects of his life?

Ans: Please note the answer to question number four.

Q: Provide us a clear photo copy of his writings if you have any.

Ans: Hazrat Chinioti wrote me letters to invite me to different functions and to recommend me to participate in different functions. I am unable to send them to you due to my exile. However, while giving me his two books, the Hazrat Maulana had written a few words on the beginning pages whose photo copy I am sending to you. I am doing so just to obey the orders. I request you not to publish them because I am not worthy of them. It was Hazrat Maulana’s large-heartedness and greatness that he encouraged a small pupil like me.

Q: Your personal opinion about him.

Ans: He was a guided, absolved, successful Muslim, a true lover of the Holy Prophet , Mujahid of Islam, dauntless arguer and pride of the Muslim Ummah.

Q: Suggestions to continue and expand his mission.

Ans: May Allah grant his learned sons and pupils with the powers and capacity to do so. The instant need is to publish his biography and his compilations and spread them far and wide. A standard weekly journal named “Al-Manzur” should be brought out. The first half of it may comprise Hazrat Maulana’s speeches, sermons, sayings, compilations, incidents and argumentations. The rest half should comprise articles on “Protection of the Finality of Prophethood” according to the present situation. A set of cassettes and CD’s on Maulana’s “Rejection of Qadiaaniat” be prepared. An advertisement about it should be given in the newspapers and the religious journals so that people may listen to Hazrat Maulana’s voice sitting in their houses. The most important thing is that the projects that Hazrat Maulana started especially the Institution Central Preaching () Chiniot should be promoted even more not letting the light of that candle bedim.

May Allah grant all these tasks with promotion and acceptance and continue these good deeds to the Doomsday!


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