Mawlana Muhammad Zia al-Qasimi

This slave of Allah led an active agile life. His name was “Muhammad” but everyone knew him as Maulana Muhammad Zia-ul-Quasimi. He started his life with migration. O, Yes, he was just nine years old when Pakistan came into being. His native land was bathed in blood and was usurped by India. The land of Jalundhar sent very priceless gifts to Pakistan. For example, the “Khair-ul-Madaris” of Multan and “Jamia Qasimia” of Faisalabad. Another Sunna was revived after migration. His father died and little “Muhammad” was turned orphan. His life started with migration and orphanage, the youth was spent in serving Din and monotheism, old age in the patronage of the monotheists and life ended at the pledge for the most elevated and the highest cammand of Din i.e. Jihad. The words were raised from his tongue at the last moments. Has anyone of you seen him delivering a speech? He was, no doubt, the king of oratory.” I happened to listen to him only twice or thrice face to face. Allah-o-Akbar! How good was the style and how great awe and splendour! There was a meeting of the body of the “Last Prophethood” in Karachi. The scholars belonging to all schools of thoughts were present. I was a student. The students of Jamiat-ul-Uloom Islamia Banori Town could not attend the functions except only on Thursdays. We would read the posters of functions at the gate. Our mouths watered to read the names of high ranked orators. We wished to go but dared not violate the laws of the Jamia. The function of the Last Prophethoot was luckily on Thursday and the Nishtar Pak of Karachi was overcrowded with people. The function had not yet started. The people were moving about here and there. All of a sudden, the pronouncement came that Mulana Zia-ul-Qasimi was coming to address. The atmosphere changed all of s sudden. Hazrat Qasimi roared like the heat lightning, rained like a cloud for five minutes and sat down. This five minutes’ address changed the situation of the procession and it began to echo with slogans. It was a wonderful incident for me because normally the introduction of the speech takes five minutes. The speakers cannot compose themselves within five minutes. The speaker spends five minutes in feeling the pulse of the congregation. But how strange is this speaker that he said and did everything in five minutes. Neither did his tongue stagger due to haste nor high pitched tone spoilt the topic. He succeeded in conveying his passions to the government and the Quadianis in cut and dried words in an offensive tone. Allah does not bless everyone with the skill of oratory. This blessing is not acquired by copying and pretension. Oratory is also a art of knowledge and knowledge is the heritage of the prophets. The Holy Prophet was the greatest orator of all. Moreover, he taught this department of learning also because he was the greatest orator. The Sahaba(RA) learnt this department also like others. The Caliphs were the orators of high rank and Hazrat Ka’ab bin Malik is called the orator of the Messenger of Allah . The people call oratory a skill which is a great mistake. Oratory has no concern with skill. This is a knowledge and quality which is endowed by Allah upon His men. Moreover, the more intense the feelings of Din a man has, the more is his oratory polished and the more Allah’s slaves get benefit from him. This five minutes address passed like a fresh gust of fragrance and the wish to listen to his address was created in the heart. This wish was also fulfilled after several years. There are two wards named “Delhi Colony” and “Punjab Colony” on the way from Karachi to “Ulti Talwar.” There was a function in Delhi colony. Hazrat Qasimi was the Chief Guest. I used to live in Delhi Colony during the last days of any student life. I was Imaam of a Masjid and used to lead the Friday Prayer. It is a great auspiciousness to lead the Prayers. The Holy Prophet himself was Imaam at the Masjid-i-Nabvi. His Caliphs also led the Pryers. One of the ominous ill-effects of the British is that this Imaamat is considered a mean job. So, when a scholar is asked what he is. He says, I am Khateeb at such and such Masjid whereas address is only once a week on Friday while Imaamat lasts all the week round five times a day. But as the word Imaamat is considered abject like a beggar, even the little scholars dare not call themselves Imaam with happiness and auspiciousness. That night, I had the goodluck to listen to Hazrat Qasimi closely. He certainly addressed wonderfully. He was taking coffee and soup during his speech but his eloquence and force of speech was not interrupted by it at all. He described monotheism lost in the love of the Prophet. His speech had Divine Inspiration i.e. the Inspiration of the Revelation. Try to grasp my point.

The speech of the orator that is tinged in the colouring of Allah’s words of revelation, falls like rain . O yes, useful, powerful, consecutive and durable like the rain. The dry land becomes wet, the dead land turns alive, the barren land washes and removes the Satanic dirt and filth, the soiled and filthy clothes are purified and the rest of the water may is stored under the earth for the coming generations. Are there not all these utilities in rain? O yes, many other benefits also. In the same way, the orator whose oratory is inspired by revelation showers like rain i.e. the Kafirs embrace Islam, the sinners beg pardon of Allah, the dead hearts gain life, the filthy people are purified, the grieved thirsty quench their thirst, and the spiritual patients are cured. This speech leads the coming generations also. But you know, there are three more things also in rain i.e. lightning, thunder and darkness.

This rain contains darkness, thunder and lightning also. No doubt the speeches of the speakers inspired by the Noble Quran also contain these three elements. They draw such a picture of the glory of Islam that the Kafirs and the Hypocrites began to consider their future dark. When they tell of the warnings of Allah, darkness prevails before the eyes of the Kafirs and Hypocrites. That is why; such speakers due to whose speeches the big Pharaohs of the time feel fear, are banned. Their speeches have the thunder and light of the lightning. When they challenge, the Kafirs and the Hypocrites put their fingers in their ears out of fear.

The orators and the heirs of the Holy Prophet are a death-knell to the enemies of Islam because they persuade the people to Jihad in which there is the message of failure and death the Kufir and hypocrisy. The address of Hazrat Qasimi was also inspired by the light of the Noble Quran. Allah had blessed him with the yearning to spread Din and also the skill to speak.

Moreover, Allah had given him good comrades and the capacity to work for Din. If there is not capacity from Allah, the qualities can do nothing. If you go to villages, you will find many speakers far excelling these orators. But their speaking is only to gather at night and mimic a few people and tell tales. There are many brave people in the world but only that becomes the conqueror who is granted with capacity from Allah otherwise many brave people in the world end up their lives in hunting pigs, killing snakes and roaming the jungles. There are many “Learned People” in the world but only that person’s knowledge in useful who is granted capacity by Allah otherwise numerous great scholars waste their lives in flattering and praising the kings and rulers. There were may unique scholars in the Court of Akbar but they could not render even so small service to Din as an unlettered person Pallen Haqani did. Allah had gifted Hazrat Qasimi with the field and capacity to work for Din. When he was young, he regarded the patronage of his elders as a great auspiciousness and this auspiciousness made him the follower of Hazrat Madni. Hazrat Madni lived at a great distance but Hazrat Qasimi’s luck was very high. Moreover, he got great teachers like Mufti Mehmood and Hazrat Hazarvi. He was also lucky as regards his companions like Hazrat Thanvi, Hazrat Chinioti, and Allama Khalid Mehmood. Allah had also blessed him with special acceptance. Wherever, he went, the situation would become favourable. He even raised the words of Azaan in the deep valleys of Europe. During youth, he was somewhat aggressive for which he was beaten and put into jail but in old age, he looked reconciliatory. But he adopted this style of reconciliation just to patronise and guard the “youngsters.” There are very few people who consider the patronage of the elderly people an suspiciousness in youth but when they grow old, they consider it their responsibility to patronise the youngsters. Hazrat Quasimi was very lucky. When he was young, he came under the patronage of Hazrat Madni but when the grew up, he took Hazrat Thanqvi under his patronage. I remember well that a year and half before his death, I was in Karachi. I got the message that Hazrat Qasimi wanted to see me. I was beside myself with joy and fixed the time at once. This kind, detailed and affectionate meeting was held at the House of Mufti Jameel Khan Shaheed. Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Azam Tariq Shaheed and some other companions were also present with Hazrat Qasimi. Hazrat Qasimi received me very warmly and expressed the purpose of meeting: “You are working for Jihad. I am ready to help you if you face hurdles on the part of the government.” I thanked him and told him about the tussle with the government. He was very happy and said, “It is alright. Continue with it.” Then he invited me to his house. I went to him to Faisalabad. This was one of the good days of life. He, with his comrades, was standing outside his house waiting for us. Seeing us, his face lit up with delight. The sorrowful situation is that I had to receive the telephone call of an elderly person due to which I got somewhat late to alight from the carriage because that person was persistent in receiving the answer then and there. Hazrat Qasimi was standing outside and I was anxious in the carriage. I was very grieved at this disrespect. Whenever, I recall this incident, I recite something and offer to him for good reward. May Allah he had not felt ill. When I came out of the carriage, he showered kisses at me and embraced me. May Allah bless him with good reward at it! Many scenes were observed during the meal. He called his companion and seated him beside me and said: Lo, get your wish fulfilled and meet him again and again. I used to remain away the Journalists but Hazrat Qasimi was very popular with them. Many of his dear Journalists were also present there. I was ordered to talk to them. When I enumerated the atrocities of the Journalists, he said: I shall admonish them. Talk to them for a while. In this way, he propitiated the two parties. Then, there was a function in Lahore. He was delivering a speech. His thundering voice was reaching me in the guest house. But the organizers were not allowing me to go to the stage in spite of my yearning to listen to his speech. They were of the view that the whole congregation would stand up at my arrival and would begin to raise slogans which would disturb Hazrat Qasimi’s address. When his address ended, I was taken to the stage. When I tried to start the speech, Hazrat Qasimi, in the company of Hazrat Maulana Muhamamd Ahmad Ludhianvi, advanced to the microphone. Seeing them, I stood up. Coming there, he announced the pledge of oath for Jihad. This pronouncement was very sudden and unexpected. He was a very great man but I was a mean abject person, thirty years junior to him in age. But Islam shows out its true tinge. Hazrat Usama bin Zaid (RA) was Amir at the age of twenty with Hazrat Umar(RA) as his common soldier. Jihad, no doubt, shines out in every age. The popular people of the age consider it essential to put on the Jihad uniform before shrouding themselves. He was announcing the pledge of oath and the congregation was raising slogans. I was seeing all this seene wonder-struck. The Hazrat duly uttered the words of pledge of oath and pushed his hands into my hands. This pledging of Jihad before thousands of people was just to strengthen the “Persuasion to Jihad.” I knew myself well. Hence, I have no delusion about me. However, the greatness for Jihad increased in my heart because pledging of Jihad by Hazrat Ludhianvi Shaheed, Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Sharif and Hazrat Qasimi is the practical explanation of the Jihad verses in this age. These people do not believe in ceremonious pledging of oath. The meaning of a Hadith is that when the perfidies (Fitnas) fall kike rain, only two types of people will be safe. The First those who resort to the mountains, graze goats there and make their living. The second, those who will be attached with Jihad fully. The point becomes fully clear that Jihad will persist even when perfidies prevail. The Muslims will get strength of Eman through Jihad. It means Jihad will not stop or postpone in any age. Hence the people who say that it is not the age of Jihad, have fallen into an utter mistake. Allah be thanked, the best and the most elevated scholars have pledged an oath for Jihad and have saved it from transposition. May Allah bless all of those with the good reward worthy of His dignity and grace! In this age, the opposition of Jihad on the part of president Bush, Musharraf and Benazir is itself a proof of Jihad’s being true. I means, the Jihad of this age is also fair and legal. That is why; the enemies of Islam are so much afraid of it. When Hazrat Qasimi patronized us, we were consoled much because he was also one of the servants of Islam. As backbiting is a bigger sin than fornication, it is much more delicious than fornication. Some people had propagated the useless and futile things against Hazrat at the temptations of the enemies of Islam. When we saw him closely, we found him much above those baselessnesses. He was a very great man and true servant of Islam. If he had not the agitation and sorrow for Din, what need he had to go to Karachi and offer his services for Din. He held so high status of respect and honour. No doubt, he considered the service of Din his duty and patronage of the youngsters his responsibility. We were at the initial stages of the bliss of his patronage that the time of his departure arrived. It was the same month of Shawwal 1421 AH when we received the news of his sad demise.

We could not avail much time of his patronage but the relations, memories and righteous deeds do not die. These are “evergreen righteous deeds.” May Allah raise his degrees? “The Alqalam” has held the meeting in honour of this well-wisher today. All the readers are requested to recite the Noble Quran and pray for Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Zia-ul-Qasimi. May Allah raise his status high and accept his righteous deeds! However great and pious man is, he gets benefits from the Du’a (prayer) of those who survive after him. All of us should pray earnestly and cause a good benefit to Hazrat Qasimi who showered blessings and benefits upon us the whole life.

Mawlana Muhammad Masud Azhar


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