Shah Rafi al-Din ‘Abd al-Wahhab al-Dihlawi

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيم

Shah Rafi-uddin Abdul Wahhab, another son of Shah Waliullah (rah) was younger to Shah Abdul Aziz (rah). He attained fame and prestige as a Tradionist, Theologian and logician. he received education under the care of his elder brother and was initiated in the path of mysticism by Shah Muhammad Aashiq Phulti (rah). being precocious, he started teaching and giving juristic opinion at the age of twenty years.

he had also penned several works and after Shah Abdul Aziz (rah) became partially blind, he took up the responsibility of teaching in his father’s seminary. several scholars have acknowledged his forte and paid tributes to his literary creations.

in a letter addressed to Shaikh Ahmad bin Muhammed Sherwani (rah), Shah Abdul Aziz wrote about Shah Rafi-uddin.
“Now my brother manages all affairs. though younger to me, he has attained an equal proficiency in all the arts and sciences. God Almighty provided me the opportunity of bringing him up and thus honoured me with his grace. on his return to Delhi after a brief excursion , he presented me a brief yet valuable brochure discussing unique issues not touched earlier by anyone. this consists of his matchless commentary of the Surat-un-Nur and its underlying wisdom. i can say with full confidence that in this remarkable work he has suceeded in elucidating the gist and drift of the Surah in an inimitable manner which can illuminate the hearts.”

Another scholar Shaikh Muhsin bin yahya Thurati (rah) writes in the Al- Yane Al-Jane :

“Apart from the disciples prevalent in his days the Shah had gained a mastery of the branches of learning pursued by the ancients which is seldom the case with other academicians. His works are extremely elegant- I have seen some of his profound works which can be appreciated only by the learned scholars.
He summarises diverse facts in a few words which speak of his depth of knowledge and intelligence. His book Damgh-al-Batil discusses certain intricate issues pertaining to metaphysics which have been acclaimed by the specialists while his another brochure demonstrates how love pervades everything.

This tract is entitled Asrar-al-Mahibbah.there would be few persons who have written anything on the subject and, as I think, only two philosophers Abu Nasr Farabi and Bu Ali Sina have works on this topic. Nasir-uddin Tusi has made a mention of these in his certain works”

In addition to the books mentioned by Shaikh Muhsin. Shah Rafi-ud-din wrote many other treatises. these were on prosody, historiography, the Prophet’s miracle of splitting the moon. refutation of philosophical postulates in accordance with its own principles , reality of colours, indications of Doomsday, evidences of unicity, science of counting on fingers, public affairs and commentaries on Arba’yn Kafat and Risala Mir Zahid. He also wrote several works on literary topics. one of these was entitled Takmil al Sana’a and in another he added verses to his father’s couplets with the same length and rhyme.

He composed several odes in Arabic one of which was in reply to Bu Ali Sina’s Ayeniah which shows his command over the language.
he died on 6 Shawwal 1233 /9 August 1818while his elder brother Shah Abdul Aziz was still alive. he was buried in the suburbs of Delhi near the grave of his father.

Saviors of Islamic spirit (Tareekh Dawat o Azeemat) P:275 – 278

by: Maulana Shaikh Syed Abul Hassan Ali Al Nadwi


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