Tadhkirah Hazrat Sayyid Shah A’lamullah Hasani (rah) Raibarelwi

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيم

Our beloved brother, dr76 of Sunniforum writes:

I’m reading the book “Hazrat Maulana Syed Abul Hassan Ali Hasani Nadwi  Aur Tasawwuf” by Shamim Tariq sahab these days..and was just stunned to know certain facts about his noble family.. .

the fact that he is a descendant of Hazrat Sayyid Ahmed Saheed sahab (rah) is known to many but only a little know about the illustrious great grandfather of Hazrat Sayyid Ahmed Shaheed (rah) – Hazrat Shah Sayyid A’lamullah Hasani

I referred to another book ‘ Tadhkirah Hazrat Sayyid Shah A’lamullah Hasani (rah) Raibarelwii’ by Hazrat Maulana Muhammed Al Hasani sahab (rah) the able son of Hazrat Maulana Dr.Syed Abdul Aliy Hasani Nadwi (rah) former rector of Nadwatul Ulema,Lucknow and khalifa of Hazrat Thanvi (rah). the Muqaddama is By Hazrat Maulana Syed Abul Hassan Ali Hasani Nadwi (rah)

I really don’t know what to say bro.. but this family has carried the light of Rushd and hidaya from their Noble grandfather; our beloved Prophet illuminating the darkest corners of earth.. even after being cruelly persecuted by tyrants of time..

He then quotes from Tadhkirah Hazrat Sayyid Shah A’lamullah Hasani (rah) Raibarelwi:

“ Hazrat Sayyid Shah A’lamullah Hasani belongs to the branch of saadat which is known as ‘ Hasani Hussaini’. His genological lineage reaches to Hazrat Hassan Mathni son of Hazrat Hassan (radh) who was married to the daughter of Hazrat Hussain (radh) known as Sayyida Fatima Sughra. Their son was Sayyid Abdullah Al Mahz.

Thus this branch of progeny from Sayyid Abdullah al Mahaz carried the nobility of both Hazrat Imam Hassan (radh) and Imam Hussain (radh) which beyond doubt showed its effect withstanding the great revolutions and sweeping tides of history.. stretching thousands of miles and passing away of many generations, yet continued to make itself visible..Adhereing to Shariah, following sunnah, Zuhud and Taqwa, Ilm wa fadhl, sunan wa Qalam producing such stalwarts of lofty ranks in every faculty who kept the lamp of Sunnat wa shariat, Jihad wa Qurbani, and zuhud wa taqwa continously glowing with brilliance..

Liberated and away from Bid’ah and ajamiyat, philosophical Tasawwuf and other foreign as well as interior influences, they manifested a way life that was very close to the Prophet and his companions.

The lineage of Hazrat Sayyid Shah A’lamullah(rah):

Hazrat Sayyid Shah A’lamullah Al Hasani Al Hussaini Al Qutbi bin

Syed Muhammed Fudhail bin

Syed Muhammed Mu’zam bin

Qadhi Syed Ahmad bin

Qadhi Syed Mahmood bin

Syed Ala’uddin bin

Syed Qutubuddin bin Muhammed Thani bin

Syed Sadruddin Thani bin

Syed Zainuddin bin

Syed Ahmad bin

Syed Ali bin

Syed Qiyamuddin bin

Syed Sadruddin bin

Qadhi Syed Rukhuddin bin

Ameer Syed Nizamuddin bin

Syed as Sadaat Ameer Kabeer Syed Qutubuddin Muhammed Al hasani Al Hussaini Al Madani bin

Syed Rasheed Uddin Ahmad Al Madani Thum Al Ghaznavi bin

Syed Yousuf bin

Syed Isa bin

Syed Hassan bin

Syed Hussain Al Makni Babi Al Hassan bin

Syed Jafar bin

Syed Qasim bin

Syed Abi Muhammed Abdullah bin

Syed Hassan Ala awar Al Jawwad bin

Syed Muhammed Al Asghar bin

Syed Abi Muhammed Abdullah Ala shatar Al kabli Al Shaheed bin

Syed Abi Al Qasim Muhammed Ziannafs Zakiyya bin

Syed Abdullah Al Mahz bin

Syed Hassan Al Mathni bin

Syed Imam Al Hassan Radhiallahu anhu bin

Syed Ali Bin Abi Talib Radhiallau Ta’ala anhum ajmaen. …”

[page 18- 19.]

He further writes:

Reading Tadhkirah Hazrat Syed Shah A’lamullah Hasani  I’m simply awed by this buzurg…. born on 21 Rabi’ul awwal 1033 Hijri, he was orphaned since childhood. His father Hazrat Syed Muhammed Fudhail  passed away two and a half months before he was even born while his mother passed away when he was only a 3yr old.

Hazrat Syed Shah A’lamullah (rah) was raised by his maternal uncle Diwan Qadhi Syed Abu Muhammed, who nurtured him more than his own children and raised him with outmost love and affection. Most of his education remained under his paternal cousin Diwan Syed Khwaja Ahmed (rah). Its possible that his early discourses were under the tutelage of Diwan Qadhi Syed Abu Muhammed and completion of higher education with Diwan Syed Khwaja Ahmed (rah).

And then quotes from the same book:

A Few days in the Imperial Army

Youth had just taken hold of Hazrat Syed A’lamullah (rah) when Syed Abu Muhammed moved by immense kindness wanted him to join service in the Imperial Army. Since he himself was a Subedar (chief army officer) and amongst the elites, there was no reason for the process to face any delay or hurdles.

He also provided him with a horse and all the materials that were required to take up such a royal service. He dressed up Syed Alamullah in a special uniform and took him along to the Imperial court. The formal procedures were still pending and this period was to make him oriented with the new environment… gaining acquaintance with the royal etiquettes. during this time, Syed Shah A’lamullah had the opportunity to go there a few times and on return he did feel a state of contraction and frigidity of the spirit. But considering his affectionate uncle he bore patience to these visits for a few days more.

A New Turn in life

At one end these formalities were in progress and on the other God had charted a separate course for him. This court orientation opened such a front that changed the entire direction of his life and ushered him into a new world.

Historians of his time have penned down two separate incidents in this regard which in reality are the two parts of the same story bound together.

The incident was that it was the custom of Emperor Shahjahan that wherever he camped down on a tour.. there were always four high ranking officers assigned for night vigil to be present throughout near his throne..

At one occasion the emperor decided to halt at a certain place in Delhi.. and somewhere middle of the night the King awoke..he asked if there was anyone present…incidentally, there was none on duty at that time.. and Syed Shah A’lamullah was around close by. He replied ‘Alamullah!’. The night was dark and cloudy with strong winds..hence with sheer coincidence there were none present at that time.. the king woke up again after sometime..and asked who is present at this hour..? Syed A’lamullah was awake and replied immediately… .’Alamullah!’ ..

Anyway.. Whenever the king awoke he got the same reply..in the morning the king asked him were there not anyone beside you to guard at night..? Syed A’lamullah replied in affirmative. The Emperor was very pleased at this obligation to duty and showered him with many gifts and robes of honour.

But this had the exact opposite effect on Syed Alamullah.. he regretted wasting away that night… a thought passed through his heart that just to appease a mortal I have spent the whole night till dawn.. If only did I spend that night worshipping the creator of heaven and skies. I would have acquired endless wealth and blessings…

A metaphorical king who keeps courtiers rarely accepts private attendance of even his close ones.. Whereas reaching out to the real Emperor does not require any courtiers or guards.. to the near and far.. prince or pauper his doors are always open.. and the final destination of all his creations rests in His will.. then why not turn my direction towards Him and why not ask only from Him..

Renouncing wealth

This thought created such restlessness that he came out of his enclosure bare footed.. bare headed.. Covered only by a lungi.. Proclaiming high to all that these objects of opulence and pomp… horses.. and all the goods of royal luxury within the camp are being given away.. so whosoever wishes may take them away..

The moment he announced everyone broke loose on his camp.. and within no time everything just vanished.. when the news reached Syed Abu Muhammed he was struck with grief.. he reached there to persuade his beloved nephew.. tried hard to shift him away from the decision taken..

The reply given by Syed Shah Alamullah (rah) is, in the view of the author, a complete summary of Tasawwuf.. a true reality of our lives.. denying which one can neither understand oneself nor gain proximity to his beloved..

“Dil e darand wa mahboobe nidarand”

He replied saying my dear uncle…the way you have been showering your kindness and affection.. care and concern for relationship all along… I feel this may be the reason for your sorrow on my changed state..

But what shall I do… a Man possesses only a single heart by his side…and is present everywhere he goes.. and it cannot perform two mutually opposing functions

وما جعل الله لرجل من قلبين في جوفه ” (Surah Ahzab:4)
Allah has not put for any man two hearts inside his body.

He recited these couplets after this –

“Az dilbaron kanam gham duniya wa aakhirat.. ya khaana jaye rakhat bud ya saraye dost”

Then he said that the time has now come you lose all hope in me and leave my concern..
friends and brothers alike began to dissuade him in every possible way but nothing did ever yield.. and he remained steadfast on his decision..

[page 38-41]


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