‘Allamah Aziz al-Haq: Shaykh al-Hadith of Bangladesh

From Sunniforum:

Shaykhul Hadith of Bangladesh, ‘Allama Azizul Haque sahib died yesterday at the age of 94 in his house at Dhaka, Bangladesh ………. إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون

He was one of the greatest Mujaahid of Bangladesh who fought against British colony in India when the British tried to rule India during the time of 1940-1947. He was also very active member in many Islamic Da’wah and Khilafah establishing parties with the former grand Mufti of Pakistan Shafi Usmani (rahmatullah). He had traveled many countries for Da’wah and uniting the Ummah. He had visited to Iran-Iraq in 1982 with a group of scholars from Bangladesh and requested the leaders to stop the war and sit together to solve their problems. In 1992, when the Babri Masjid was demolished in India, then he, ‘Allama Azizul Haque sahib (rahmatullah) along with our half million Muslims from all over the Bangladesh protested in the Indian border of Bangladesh and asked the govt of India to rebuild the Babri Masjid but he was arrested and sent to prison for several months.

During his lifetime, ‘Allama Azizul Haque (rahmatullah) taught Qur’an and Hadith to thousands of students from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in various Islamic schools for over a period of 60 years. He is the only scholar in Bangladesh who has translated the Sahih Al-Bukhari in Bengali language and till now millions of Muslims in Bangladesh read his Bengali translation of Sahih Al-Bukhari. He was a greatest Mujaahid in Bangladesh who also fought his entire life to establish Islamic state (khilafa) in Bangladesh and has been arrested many times by the tagut govt …

‘Allama Azizul Haque sahib (rahmatullah) was the proud father and grandfather of more than 70 + Hafiz e Qur’an (memorizers of The Qur’an)

From Cordoba Academy (Shaykh Daniel):

It is with great sadness that we inform you that one of our elders and Shouyoukh has passed into the mercy of Allah.

Shaikh al-Allama Azeez al-Haq (RA) was born in the year 1919 and passed away at 1PM on the 8th of August 2012 at the grand age of 93 after a lifetime of studying, teaching and serving the deen.  He was arguably the most famous of the modern-day Ulama especially for his services to Islam in Bangladesh including the translation of Sahih al-Bukhari into Bengali which remains the only translation of the text. He was also the founder of Jamiah Rahmaniyah Dhaka through which thousands of students graduated.

His Janazah was held today at 11:00AM at the National Eidgah and more than 300,000 people attended.

To my knowledge he was the last scholar alive to have studied with Shaikh al-Allama Shabbir Ahmed al-Uthmani (RA) who died over 60 years ago in 1949 and even after studying with him he continued to study with Shaikh al-Faqih Zafar Ahmed al-Uthmani (RA) and Shaikh al-Mufassir Mohammed Idris Kandhalawi (RA)

اللهم اغفر له وارحمه وعافه واعف عنه وأكرم نزله ووسع مدخله واغسله بالماء والثلج والبرد ونقه من الخطايا كما ينقى الثوب الأبيض من الدنس اللهم أبدله دارا خيرا من داره وأهلا خيرا من أهله اللهم أدخله الجنة وأعذه من عذاب القبر ومن عذاب النار

With his (RA) passing another bright star of the Islamic world fades.

Our Beloved (salahu alayhi wasalam) said in a Hadith that is agreed upon:

إن الله لا يقبض العلم انتزاعا ينتزعه من العباد، ولكن يقبض العلم بقبض العلماء، حتى إذا لم يبق عالما، اتخذ الناس رؤوسا جهالا، فسئلوا، فأفتوا بغير علم، فضلوا وأضلوا
“Indeed, Allah does not take away knowledge by snatching it from the people but He takes away knowledge by taking away the scholars, until there remains no scholar and the people take the ignorant as their leaders. Then they are asked and give religious judgments without knowledge, they go astray and cause other to go astray.”

From Wikipedia:

Allama Azizul Hoque is a famous Bangladeshi Islamic scholar[2][3] and a Islamist political leader.[4] Azizul Hoque was born to a distinguished family in 1919, Louhojang, Dhaka. Allama Azizul Hoque was the first person who translated the Sahih al-Bukhari into Bengali language.[5][6] And he founded the Jamiah Rahmania Arabia Dhaka in 1986. He is the former rector[7] and his son Mahfuzul Haque is the present rector of the Jamiah.[8][9]

After completing his initial formal studies Azizul Hoque joined Jamiah Islamiah Yunusia Brahmanbaria at the age of 7. There he spent 4 years under the care of Hadhrat Maulana Shamsul Haq Faridpuri (rahimahullah). The he joined Dhaka Boro Katara Madrasah in 1931 and completed Takmil (MA) spending 12 years there. Then, in 1943, he went to India for acquiring higher study and joined Jamiah Islamiah Talimuddin Dabhel in Bombe. In Jamiah Islamiah Talimuddin Dabhel he receives education from Shabbir Ahmad Usmani. Finally he went to Darul Uloom Deoband to study Tafsir. There he received education from Shaykh at-Tafseer Hadhrat Idris Kandhalvi (rh). After completing his study he returns to Dhaka by the order of his teacher Hadhrat Maulana Shamsul Haq Faridpuri (rahimahullah).

Allama Azizul Hoque begins his career as a teacher in Boro Katara Madrasah situated at Dhaka. Allama Azizul Hoque served there from 1946 to 1952. Then, he began teaching at Jamia Qurania Arabia Lalbagh since its establishment in 1952 and serves there teaching the students Sahih al-Bukhari including other important books till 1985. In 1978, he played an important rule in the formation of Bangladesh Qawmi Madrasah Education Board.[10] He currently serves as its general editor. In 1979, he taught Sahih al-Bukhari in the department of Islamic Studies of University of Dhaka as visiting professor and served there for three years.[6] In 1986, Allama Azizul Hoque established a Madrasah called Jamiah Muhammadia Arabia in “Muhammadi Housing” near Mohammadpur, Dhaka.[11] In 1988, he purchased a piece of land near Sath Masjid in Muhammadpur and transferred the Jamiah Muhammadia Arabia there renaming it to Jamiah Rahmania Arabia Dhaka.[9] At present, he is the chief Sheikul Hadith of this institution. He serves as the principle of Jamiah Shari’ah Malibag for a certain period of time. He also serves as the chairman of the Sari’ah Board of Al Arafah Islami Bank. Furthermore, he is serving as the rector and adviser of many other well-known institutions in the country.

  • Most famous contribution of Sheikul Hadith is the Bengali Translation of Sahih al-Bukhari.
  • In student life, he wrote an Urdu explanation of Sahih al-Bukhari. This big book of 1800 pages is published from Pakistan by the name of Fazlul Baari Sarhe Bukhari. At present, this book is going to be published from Bangladesh.
  • Bengali translation of Mochnobi-e-Rumi.
  • Capitalism, Socialism and Islam
  • Refutation of Kadianism
  • Munajat-e-Makbul including Masnun Doa (Translation).
  • Struggle in the way of Truth (Lecture Collection).

Without these Sheikhul Hadith Allama Azizul Hoque would write many other books.


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