Mawlana ‘Abd al-Hamid Ishaq

Hadrat Maulana Abdul Hamid Ibn Ibrahim Ishaq Sahib was born on the 24th of Shawwal 1364 AH (20th September 1946) on the auspicious day of Jumu’ah at 1pm (Jumu’ah time) in Primrose, a town near Germiston on the East Rand. Hadrat Maulana Sahib grew up in difficult conditions. The dwelling of Hadrat Maulana’s family had initially been built as a stable and later converted into a house. At the age of nine, Hadrat Maulana lost his mother, Amina. (May Allah I shower her Qabr with His mercy) Maulana attained his Maktab education at Madrasah Quwwatul- Islam in Germiston. Amongst his Asatizah, were: Maulana Fakhruddin Sahib þ, Hafiz Muhammad Salloo Sahib:þ, Maulana Ahmed Bera Sahib þand Apa Zubeida þ.

Maulana attended the Singh Indian Primary School in Germiston up to standard five (1952-1958). Thereafter, he proceeded to William Hills High School in Benoni where he completed his Metric (1959-1963).

In 1964 (at the age of 18), Hadrat Maulana enrolled at the Waterval Islamic Institute (Mias Farm) to further his Islamic studies. Here, over a period of four years, Maulana studied various Kitabs, including Hidaya Awwalain and Jalalain, under the expert tuition of Asatiza such as: Mufti Ibrahim Sanjalwi Sahib þMufti Bashir Sanjalwi Sahibþ, and Maulana Ibrahim Mia Sahib.

During this very period Maulana utilized whatever free time was available for the memorising of the Qur’an Majid which he completed under the renowned Ustad of Hifz, Hadrat Hafiz Abdur Rahman Mia Sahib þ

Thereafter in 1388 AH (1969), at the age of 23 Maulana travelled to India and took admission in the world famous institute, Darul Ulum Deoband. The following year (1389) Hadrat Maulana completed the Alim-Fadil course, studying Bukhari Sharif under Hadrat Maulana Fakhruddin Sahib  þ and Mufti Mahmud Hasan Gangohi Sahib þ.

After qualifying, Maulânâ spent an additional year at Deoband, solely to make effort on the Qur’an Majid (revision and tajwid.) Upon reaching India, Hadrat Maulana had taken bay’at at the hands of Hadrat Shaikhul Hadith, Maulana Muhammed Zakariya Sahib þ and had established an Islahi ta’alluq with Hadrat Mufti Mahmud Hasan Gangohi Sahibþ.

Before returning to South Africa, Hadrat Maulana went to Saharanpur to spend 40 days in the auspicious company of his mentor. It was during this period that Hadrat Maulana was informed of the passing away of his father, Ibrahim Bhai, who had passed away on the 29th of Ramadan at the age of 65, due to a heart attack. (May Allah I shower his Qabr with His mercy)

Upon returning from India, Maulana had a great fervour and interest to translate the kitabs and great works of our Akabirin from the Urdu language into English. For this, Maulana thought that he should further his secular studies so that he may have a better command of the language etc. Thus, Maulana undertook a course in journalism. He completed his BA from UNISA through correspondence. This was from 1972 to 1974. Later, the Rand Afrikaans University approached Mia’s Farm as they required a lecturer in Islamic fields. Mia’s Farm referred them to Maulana. Maulana made mashwarah concerning this with the Mia’s Farm Ulama as well as with Marhum Bhai Padia Sahib. It was eventually decided that Maulana accept this offer. Thus, Maulana became a lecturer in Islamiyyat at RAU. Maulana used to lecture to students from the Pretoria University, Potchefstroom University and from other Universities as well. During this period RAU offered him to do his BA Honours, which he did. Maulana lectured at RAU in 1977 and 1978. Hadrat Maulana later took up the post ofImamat at the Germiston Masjid, supervised the Maktab, taught Hifz and devoted himself to the effort ofTabllghi Jama’at. In 1976, Hadrat Maulana spent one year in Jama’at in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. Thereafter in 1979, Maulana left for his second ‘one-year’, travelling to countries such as Holland, Belgium, Turkey, France and the UK. In the early 90’s Hadrat Maulana met and took bay’at to Hadrat Arif-Billah Shah Maulana Hakim Muhammad Akhtar Sahib. Hadrat Maulana thereafter accompanied his honourable Shaikh for Umrah and on the mubarak day of Jumu’ah, in front of the Ka’bah Sharif was blessed with khilafat. Despite old age, illness, and the responsibilities ofthe Darul-Ulum which rest upon Hadrat Maulana’s shoulders, Hadrat Maulana’s passion to spread the message ofthe love of Allah I has caused him to travel the length and breadth ofthis country as well as many ofthe countries ofthe world. May Allah I bless Hadrat Maulana with long life, good health, the strength to continue in his blessed endeavours and divine acceptance. Amin


3 thoughts on “Mawlana ‘Abd al-Hamid Ishaq

  1. As a youngster in the late 70’s and early 80 ‘s I used to be in awe of this young Maulana . What was exceptional for me was his voice and how sincere he sounded. I can still here him say ” alla(g) ta allah . A great orator,motivator ,daa -i and ustaadh. May Allah bless him,he is indeed one of the exemplary ulama and saliheen of South Africa and beyond


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