Mawlana Ayyub bin Hashim Kholwadia

Obituary: Maulana Ayub ibn Hashim kholwadia (R)
He was born on the 4th Ramdhan 1354 Hijri (30th November 1935) in India. He became Hãfiz of the Qur’ãn at Madrassah Miftãhul Uloom in Taraj (Surat). He also studied his secular education in this Islãmic Institute. After he completed his Hifz he went to study in Dabhel where he studied Urdu and Farsi (Persian). Thereafter he studied in Jamiah Ashrafiyya Rander. He then went to study in

Darululoom Deoband from 1957 – 1961
Some of the prominent and pious Scholars he studied from are; Arif Billah Maulana Syed Rada Ajmeri (Shaykhul Hadith Darululoom Ashrafiyya); Maulana Abdussamad Kachwi; Fakrul Muhaditheen Allamah Fakrud-Deen Muradabãdi; Allamah Ibraheem Balyawee; Mufasirul Qur’ãn Maulana Fakrul Hasan

Spiritual Guidance / Bait
Maulana Muhammad Ayub (R.A) made connection for his spiritual reformation with Maulana Syed Hussain Ahmed Madani (R).
In 1956 Shaykh Madani spend his last Ramdhãn in Asaam (bangal), due to the love Maulana Ayub had for Shaykh Madani he also went there and spent the whole month of Ramadhãn with him. Maulana Ayub said : I was really worried regarding the exam I had to take for the entrance into Darul uloom Deoband. So many talented people came and failed. But with the help of Allah it so happened that due to the worries I had in getting admission I would cry and make lots of supplications to Allah. Whilst in this condition I fell asleep. Shaykh Madani came in my dream and asked “Why are you worried, don’t worry you don’t need anybody to intercede/recommend you, if you didn’t have love for me you wouldn’t have spent Ramdhãn with me in Asaam. If I didn’t have love for you I wouldn’t have come to your house in Makinga” Maulana Ayub said: “I heard the following words and the worries turned to happiness. I woke up from my dream and went to Deoband and passed the exam with the help of Allah and the blessing of Shaykh Madani.
After Shaykh Madani passed away he went to receive Spiritual reformation from Shaykh Abdul Qadir Raipuri (R) and spent 2 or 3 Ramadhãns in serving him.
After Shaykh Raipuri passed away he went to Moulana Maseeullah khan saheb (JalaalaBaadi). When Moulana Masihullah came to Batley for the first time in 1971 the shaykh spent 3 months at Moulana Ayub’s house and from that house he travelled all over England spreading his teachings and words of wisdom.
Maulana Ayub was given permission of rectifying others in terms of spirituality from a number of other Shuyook.

His Works/Achievements
For so many years he taught and did Imãmat in Batley, even recently after becoming weak and having health problems he would write books, make speeches and teach. When Maulana Ayub first came to Batley there was only one Masjid and one Madrassah and seven Aalims.
Through the Will of Allah Maulana left this world on the 23rd September 2012.( 7th Zil – Qadah 1433). May Allah accept all his efforts and grant him Jannatul Firdous, May the Almighty grant patience to the whole family. Ameen.
He was very well known in the Muslim community all over England and surely we have lost a great scholar who will not be forgotten.

Attarbiyah Nov-Dec 2012

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