Mawlana Sayyid Qasim `Ali bin Zubayr `Ali

By Qari Abdullah Is’haq

Maulânâ Sayyid Qâsim Alî Sâhib was the second son of Hadrat Maulânâ
Sayyid Zubair Alî ˛.

Birth & lineage
Maulânâ Qâsim Alî Sâhib was born on the 8th of September 1952 in Leslie.
His family lineage links up to Rasûlullâh  through Sayyidunâ Hasan Bin Alî
, hence he was a Hasanî Sayyid.

Initial Education
Maulânâ Qâsim Alî Sâhib ˛ attained his initial and elementary Islamic education at home. He then attended the local Leslie Maktab. Among his Ustâds was Janâb Munshî Sâhib ˛. Maulânâ Qâsim Alî Sâhib ˛ attended the Leslie School up till standard six. He memorised the Noble Qur’ân under his father; Hadrat Maulânâ Sayyid Zubair Alî Sâhib ˛

Mia’s Farm
Thereafter, Maulânâ Qâsim Alî proceeded to Mia’s Farm and revised the Qur’ân by none other than Hadrat Hâfiz Abdurrahmân Mia Sâhib ˛. He was also appointed as the Imâm of the Jamâ’at Khâna at the hostel. Together with this, Maulânâ studied the elementary kitâbs of Farsi and Arabic under the expert guidance of Hadrat Muftî Ibrâhim Sanjalwî Sâhib ˛. He studied in Mia’s Farm till 1971.

Dârul-Ulûm Deoband
In 1972 Maulânâ went to India and took admission in the world famous Dârul-Ulûm Deoband. He completed the Âlîm Fâdil course and also attained a certificate in Tajwîd from the Dârul-Ulûm. He graduated in 1975, and then spent some time in Tablîgh. In 1976 he returned to South Africa.

In January 1977, he married Âpâ Z. Durwesh – the daughter of Marhûm Ibrâhîm Bhai Durwesh of Ophirton, Johannesburg. The ‘Durwesh’ family is known for their piety, and Allâh  has blessed them in that most of them are Huffâz and ‘Ulamâ. Allâh  did not grant Maulânâ Qâsim Alî Sâhib any children, but he was always happy with this decision of Allâh . However, he loved children and used to take out time to entertain them.

Serving Dîn – Da’wat and Tablîgh
Hadrat Maulânâ Qâsim Alî Sâhib ˛ began serving Dîn initially from his home town, Leslie. Then in 1981 he was offered a post in Actonville, Benoni and served Dîn from there. Maulânâ was the senior lmâm of the Actonville Jamea Masjid as well as an Ustâd at the Maktab Madrasah in Actonville. Apart from these two great Khidmât, the rest of his time was spent in the effort of Da’wah and Tablîgh. He used to be out meeting people concerning
Dîn (Ghusht & Mulaqâts). After serving Dîn in Actonville for thirteen years, Maulânâ Qasim Alî Sâhib ˛ moved to Mayfair, with the sole purpose of being free to spend all his time and efforts for Tablîgh. He resided near the Markaz; Baitun Noor. He was actively involved in all the efforts of Tablîgh. He used to attend the ‘Shab Guzârî’ and Mashwarahs regularly. Nusrat of Jamâ’ats, Khusûsî Mulaqâts, visiting the sick – at homes and the hospitals –
visiting the prisons, rendering ladies ta’lîm talks etc. was part of his daily routine. If a baby was born to someone or someone passed away etc. he made a point of visiting the family at the first given opportunity. He had made the welfare of the Ummat his life-mission. He was ‘a people’s man’. He would travel great distances to accomplish this, yet if he felt that a visit was not relevant, he avoided it very tactfully in his diplomatic way. This was because he was very particular of time. By nature; he was a very thrifty person in everything.

Maulânâ Qâsim Alî Sâhib ˛ was an excellent orator. He used to travel weekly to perform Jumu’ah Salâh at various Masâjid around the country. There would be very few Masâjid in South Africa wherein he did not deliver a Jumu’ah programme.

Some of his Noble Qualities
Maulânâ Qâsim Alî Sâhib ˛ was a very generous person. He used to assist many of his needy relatives (especially in India and Pakistan), just as he rendered assistance locally to many needy individuals, widows, families, Ulamâ, and brothers going out in Jamâ’at. He did all this so discreetly that none, not even his close family – were aware of these qualities.

He was a very clean hearted and a straight forward person. If something had to be said, he said it as it was. He always said the truth and never kept anything in his heart. He was a very jovial, jolly, lovable and humble person, because of which people never got tired of him and wanted to be with him all the time.

Among other salient qualities Maulânâ possessed were:

1. He had lot of love for the Noble Qur’ân. Not a day passed when he did not recite his fixed portion from the Qur’ân, whether at home or on a journey. He used to constantly listen to audio Qur’anic recitals and he appreciated a good recitation.
2. Da’wat & Amr bil Ma’rûf. He would give Da’wat to everyone he met and wherever he met them. He always shared a word of advice with anyone he met.
3. Simplicity. He was a very humble and simple man as far as his personal being was concerned. He did not have the love of the world in his heart. He preferred to remain hidden and to be low profile. He never caused difficulty to anyone.
4. He had lot of time for the elderly, looked up to them and loved them. He always visited the senior generation and took their du’âs.
5. He greeted everyone that he came across, even if it was a drunkard.
6. He always gave due honour and respect to all Muazzins.

Sîrat-un-Nabî 
Maulânâ Qâsim Alî Sâhib ˛ had an intense passion for Sîrat and the lives of the Sahâbah . He always kept a kitâb on the subject of Sîrat under his mutâla’ah (reading). He promoted the lives of the Sahâbah  in his lectures
and always suggested the more unknown names of the Sahâbah  to new
born babies.

Maulânâ Qâsim Alî Sâhib ˛ travelled extensively in order to spread the word of Dînul-Islam. He was fortunate to travel to over forty countries around the globe.

Maulânâ Qâsim Alî Sâhib ˛ had taken bay’at initially to Hadrat Shaikhul Hadîth, Maulânâ Muhammed Zakariya Sâhib ˛ After his demise, he took bay’at to Hadratjî Hadrat Maulânâ Masîhullâh Sâhib Jalalabadî ˛. Then in June 1997, he undertook a journey with Hadrat Maulânâ Hakîm Muhammed Akhtar Sâhib to Turkey, and he took bay’at on the hands of Hadrat Hakîm Sâhib at the Mazâr (resting place) of Hadrat Maulânâ Jalâluddîn Rumî ˛ in Qunya. According to his sister, after this, he served Dîn with much more enthusiasm and fervour.

A Great asset to Dârul-Ulûm Azaadville
Maulânâ Qâsim Alî Sâhib ˛ and his elder brother Maulânâ Abbâs Alî Sâhib assisted Maulânâ AbdulHamid Is’haq Sâhib greatly in the initial stages of erecting the Azaadville Dârul-Ulûm, and up until his mubarak demise, Maulânâ Qâsim Sâhib had the concern and well-being of the Dârul-Ulûm at heart.

Demise: (You will die as you lived)
As mentioned, Maulânâ Qâsim Alî Sâhib ˛ was very particular about the Jumu’ah platform and he always made sure that he took maximum advantage of it to impart the message of Dîn, to such an extent that he literally gave his life for it. He also constantly advised all Ulamâ – especially the young Ulama – not to be lax when it came to giving Jumu’ah lectures and rendering the Khutbah. (Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Ra’ji’ûn)

Maulânâ Sayyid Qâsim Alî Sâhib ˛ passed away in Masjid Tauhîd, Rynsoord, Benoni immediately after delivering the Jumu’ah lecture on the 7th of Safar 1429 – 15th of February 2008, at the age of fifty six (56). He always used to say that ‘I am going to pass away in the path of Allâh ’. And that is exactly what happened. He was afflicted with many illnesses for the last four or five years of his life, but he never revealed this to anyone, rather he bore it with patience and perseverance.

Maulânâ Qâsim Sâhib ˛ lived for many years in Actonville, therefore, he was very attached and fond of the people of Benoni. He loved them and had a lot of time for them. Allâh , through his Qudrat, made it such that he rendered his last Jumu’ah among the people of his old locality, passed away amongst them and is resting with them.

Acting upon his Wasiyyat (bequest), he was buried in the place where he passed away, i.e. Rynsoord. The Janazah Salâh was led by his brother-in-law, Hadrat Maulânâ AbdulHamid Is’haq Sâhib. An approximate crowd of five thousand people performed the Janâzah Salâh of this great Âlim and Walî of Allâh . May Allâh  fill his Qabar with Nûr, elevate his status and grant him His pleasure forever, Âmîn.

He is survived by his pious wife, three brothers, two sisters and nephews and nieces.

May Allâh  grant his wife and all his relatives Sabr-e-Jamîl, Âmîn. A request is made to one and all to convey as much isâl-e-thawâb as possible to all the Marhûmîn from the Ummah of Rasûlullâh  and especially to Hadrat Maulânâ ˛.


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