Mawlana Khalid Sayf Allah Rahmani: an Introduction

Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani (born November 1956 at Jala, Darbhanga, Bihar) is the General Secretary of Islami Fiqh Academy, India and founder member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board. He is an eminent Islamic scholar with expertise in Islamic jurisprudence. With his deeper understanding of the Quran, Sunnah, Shariah and knowledge disciplines, Moulana guides the Muslim community on modern problems. He has inherited rich scholarly traditions from his family of reputed scholars, specifically his father Moulana Zainul Abidain and grandfather Moulana Abdul Ahad Jalavi. Due to his versatile and dynamic approach, Moulana is well known in media. He regularly delivers lectures and sermons in Hyderabad on current topics to guide the community.

Maulana Rahmani learned and practiced Islamic jurisprudence under the aegis of famous Islamic jurists like Moulana Minnatullah Rahmani and Moulana Mujahid-ul-Islam Qasmi. He also wrote more than 50 books on a wide range of topics and pioneered more than fifteen institutions of Islamic education, research and jurisprudence across the country. He has introduced specialization and super specialization in Islamic education, a pioneering work. He has attempted to introduce new disciplines in Madrasa education through adding practical affairs like Dawah and Media in the curriculum. His broad outlook, ability to provide solutions to the modern problems and represent Islam in media has made him popular in all sections and sects of the Muslim community in India.

Family background

His grandfather Moulana Abdul Ahad Jalavi was a renowned Islamic scholar and an apostle of Moulana Rasheed Ahmed Ganguhi, Shaikh-ul-Hind Mahmudul Hasan and Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi. His father Moulana Zainul Abidain, Islamic scholar and tabeeb, writer of the books Deen-e-Ibrahimi, Seerat-ul-Mustafa, Makarim-ul-Hadeeth. His paternal uncle Moulana Mujahidul Islam Qasmi was a renowned Islamic scholar, community leader and thinker, former President of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Founder of Islamic Fiqh Academy and All India Milli Council).

Positions held and Achievements

  • Founder and Rector of Al Mahad al Aali al Islami Hyderabad, a unique centre in the subcontinent for the academic, ideological and dawah training of the graduates of Deeni Madaris
  • Founder and Rector of Darul-uloom Sabil ul Falah Jala, Distt Darbhanga Bihar, where Alim course education is given along with modern education, primary education and Quran memorizing
  • One among the founders of Jamia Aisha Niswan, one among the four major women’s Islamic educational institutions in the country.
  • Founder and Rector, Marsat-us-Salehat Jala Distt Darbhanga, that imparts education till Alimiyat to girls.
  • Trustee, Almahad-al-Aali lit-Tadreeb fil Qadha wal Ifta Phulwari Shareef, Patna
  • Patron and one among the founders, Arwah Trust Hyderabad, its sole objective is to impart quality education to children in slum areas. It is running 15 schools
  • Patron of over two dozen religious and modern educational institutions in AP, Bihar, Jharkhand, UP and Karnataka
  • Member, Academic Council Daira-tul-Mu’aarif-ul-Islami Hyderabad
  • General Secretary, Islamic Fiqh Academy India, the premier institute to provide Fiqh solutions to the modern problems
  • Founder Member and Member Executive Council, All India Muslim Personal Law Board
  • Qazi-e-Shariat, Imarat-e-Millat-e-Islamia Andhra Pradesh, delivered over one thousand landmark judgements.
  • General Secretary Majlis-e-Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat Andhra Pradesh
  • Executive Council Member Majlis-e-Ilmiya Andhra Pradesh
  • Member Majlis-e-Shura Imarat-e-Shariah Bihar Orissa and Jharlhand
  • Founder and Patron, Centre for Peace and True Message Hyderabad, a Dawah organization
  • Patron, Peace Foundation Hyderabad, institution that works for guiding and training the Muslim youth
  • Columnist, Sham-e-Farozan column is regularly published in Munsif Hyderabad and also in Inquilab Mumbai, Hindustan Express Delhi and Qaumi Tanzeem Patna and Ranchi, Sharii Masael column is published weekly in Munsif Hyderabad
  • Editor, quarterly Bahes-wa-Nazar, a unique journal in the subcontinent
  • Member Shariah Advisory Board, Al-Noor Takaful Insurance Company South Africa

His Books

Quranic Studies
1.    Quran ek ilhami ketab
2.    24 Ayaat (eterazat ka izala)
3.    Fiqa al quran
4.    Terjuma Quran–e majeed ma mukhtasar tawjihat (uncomp)
Hadeeth Studies
1.    Asan usul Hadeeth
2.    Ilm usul Hadeeth           (under print)
3.    Aasarussunan               (uncomp..)
Islamic Law
1.    Qamusulfiqa                 (5 volumes)
2.    Jadid fiqi masael
3.    Ibadat aur jadid masael
4.    Islam aur jadid maasherati masael
5.    Islam aur jadid maashi masael
6.    Islam aur jadid medical masael
7.    Aasan usul fiqa
8.    Tariq fiqa islami            (under print)
9.    Ketabulftawa                (6 volumes)
10.    Talaq w tafriq
11.    Islam ke usul qaanun     (under print)
12.    Masjid ke shar ie masael
13.    Muslamano aur gair muslmo ke taaluqat
14.    Halal wo haram
15.    Islam ka nzam usher wo zakat
16.    Zakat fzael wo masael
17.    Naye masael
Biography of Prophet SAW
1.    Muqtasar sirat bin hasham
2.    Qutbat Bengalor
3.    Nuqoosh –e- Nabavi
Dawah & Tazkeer
1.    Nuqoosh –e- Mouezat
2.    Asre hazir ke samaji masael
3.    Deeni va Asri taleem – Masael aur hal
4.    Shama Farozan   (I)
5.    Shama Farozan    (II) (under print)
1.    Hayate Mujahid
Text Books
1.    Aasan osoole Hadeeth
2.    Aasan osoole Fiq
3.    Aasan Deeniyat
4.    Islamiyat  I, II (B.A  Moulana Aazad Urdu   University )
1.    Haqayaq aur ghalat fahmiya
2.    Rahe etedal
3.    Muslim Persona law – ek Nazar me
4.    Muravvija bidaat – Fuqaha-e – Islam ke Nazarme
5.    Qadiyaniyat—Islam ke qilaf baghavat
6.    Aurat –Islam ke sayeme
1.    Safarname    (under print)

His books and activities can be traced at:


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