Mufti Nizam al-Din al-A’zami: Mufti of Deoband

Hadhrat Mufti Nizaamuddeen Saahib (RA) was born in Zul Qa’dah 1328, November 1910 at his native place, Ondra, Dist. Azamgarh. At the age of 10 he passed grade four in school. For a few years thereafter, he remained very ill. He mentions that most of the time he used to see Khaaja Mueenud Deen Ajmeri (RA) in his dreams. Hadhrat Khaaja Saahib (RA) used to call him, seat him besides him and make dua for him. All he remembers was that he used to wish that he could become like him. In the same manner he used to also see Hadhrat Khaaja Nizaamuddeen Awaliyaa (RA). In those days Haji Abdul Qayyum Saahib, Hadhrat’s maamoo (maternal uncle), used to narrate to him the incidents and the lectures of the Ulama’-e-Deoband. Hadhrat used to listen eagerly to his talks and wish that he could also be like them.

These were probably the reasons for Hadhrat Mufti Saahib to leave school in grade four and start off the ‘Aalim Faadhil course. In his family, all his relatives were soaked in secular studies. For six generations there were no Ulama’ found among them. It was surprising to the entire family that Hadhrat (RA) left school to study Arabic. Eventually on the insistence of Hadhrat, his father had to take him and go to his uncle. He visited all the madaaris in the area but for some reason, none of them enrolled him. They returned unsuccessful. His father again insisted that he should go back to school but he refused saying that he wanted to become an ‘aalim of Deen. In this way one whole year was lost.
One of Hadhrat’s aunts, who had no children, saw his eagerness to study, took him with her to Mubaarakpur in A’zam Ghar and enrolled him in Madrasah Ihyaaul Uloom. Here he studied Urdu, Faarsi and commenced with his Arabic Ta’leem. During this time, Hadhrat Moulana Shah Waseeullah Saahib (RA) used to frequent the madrasah and deliver lectures to the students. Mufti Nizaamuddin Saahib (RA) seized these opportunities to sit in his majaalis and take benefit from him. He thereafter went away with Hadhrat Shah Waseeullah Saahib and studied under him for three years. Thereafter he completed his studies in Darul Uloom Deoband where he qualified as an ‘aalim of Deen as well as a mufti.

Services to Deen
After completion, he taught at Madrasah Jaami’ul Uloom for five years and then with the command of his sheikh went to Darul ‘Uloom Mau where he served as an ustaadh as well as a mufti for 25 years. It was here that he was conferred with the mantle of Khilaafat from Hadhrat Shah Waseeullah Saahib (RA). Hadhrat Mufti Saahib (RA) enjoyed a very special place by his sheikh Hadhrat Moulana Shah Waseullah Saahib (RA). He never did anything without first making mashwarah with him. Mufti Nizaamuddeen Saahib (RA) narrates one incident regarding his sheikh (RA). He says, “Once Hadhrat came to my home. There was a mango tree in our garden which did not bear any fruit. I mentioned this to Shah Saahib (RA). Hadhrat then went close to the tree, held it and addressed it thus, ‘The owner of this tree is complaining against you that you are not bearing. Start bearing.’ This seemed very strange but nevertheless after this the tree bore lots of fruit.”

Darul ‘Uloom Deoband
In Rajab 1385, he was instructed by his sheikh to go to teach at Darul ‘Uloom Deoband and serve the Fatwa department. He continued serving Darul ‘Uloom until the end. Thousands of students around the world had benefitted tremendously from his vast knowledge. He passed away in Deoband and is buried in the Qaasimi graveyard.

May Allah Ta’ala fill his grave with noor and bless him with the highest stages in Jannah. Aameen.

Below taken from Tarikh Dar al-‘Ulum Deoband:

He was born in AH. 1328 at his native place, Ondra, Dist. Azamgarh. He received primary education in the local schools and then studied in Madrasah Ihyaul Uloom, Mubarakpur (Azamgarh). Thereafter, he read up to the intermediate classes in Madrasah Azizia Bihar Sharif, and Madrasah A’liya, Masjid Fatehpuri, Delhi. In the end he took admission in the Darul Uloom Deoband, and completed the Daura Hadith in AH. 1352.

At first he rendered teaching service in Madrasah Jamiul Uloom, Jatinpur (Azamgarh) and in Gorakhpur, and then was appointed in Madrasah Darul Uloom Mau Nath Bhanjan, on the post of teacher and fatwa-writer. In AH. 1385, on the call of the Darul Uloom Deoband, he came to Deoband and was entrusted with the post of Ifta, which he still occupies. He has got a good knack of fatwa-writing; his answers to the queries are detailed. Most of his important fatwas are being published in the journal Darul Uloom Deoband. Two volumes of his Fatwas has been published till from Islamic Fiqah Acadmy New Delhi

  He has had the honour of vowing allegiance to and receiving khilafat from Hazrat Shah Wasiullah (may his secret be sanctified!). Simplicity and dignity was conspicuous in his disposition.

Mufti Nizamuddin passed away in Deoband, on 20 Ziqada, AH. 1420.


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