Mawlana Dost Muhammad Qurayshi

By Jami’ah Furqaniyya Dar al-Mubalighin

He was born on Wednesday 29 September 1920/15 Muharram-ul-Haram 1339 according to Islamic Date. He was born at Basti Reekh Kalan Mohammed Pur Dewan Tehsil Jampur. His parents named him as Dost Mohammad.

Educational History
He completed reciting Holy Quran at the age of 4 years then he joined local school for studying Urdu. After 6th class he started reading religious books. His mother taught him Persian. In Dewan Pur city Hazrat Molana Shair Mohammad was very famous as a scholar of Surf, he joined him to study Surf. For further studies he went towards Imam –a- Surf & Nahav Hazrat Mohammad Isa & gained more knowledge.
when he was ready to go Dera Ghazi Khan to join Hazrat Mohammad Isa her mother started crying she was worrying, “How will a child live so far? How will be the system? How meals will be arranged?
His father Hazrat Imam Ali Mohammad Qureshi said, “Why are you crying? One day will come & a large gathering will be listening Holy Quran and the Sayings of Prophet with this son. This son will increase our rankings in front of Allah and our graves will become a part of Janet due to him.” (His parents saw those good days with their eyes)He became so famous that he was known as Molvi syntactical among scholars and the public.

Spiritual Studies

Hazrat Molana Wahid Buksh was a Great Scholar. He lived in Kot Mithan He was very famous due to his expertise in Logic & Philosophy Hazrat Sheikh Allama Molana Dost Mohammad Qureshi went Kot Mithan to gain knowledge from him. Hazrat Molana Wahid Buksh was very kind to him & he got a lot of knowledge from him on these subjects.

      Getting Education from Dignified Sheikh Hazrat Gumanvi
Sheikh Hazrat Gumanvi was one of his teachers. He was true reflection of Imam Abu Hanifa, imam Razi & Imam Ghazali both in knowledge & practice. He was really in one of those persons whom directions & actions are same we can say him Imam of his time. Instead of being too much famous he was very simple in nature. Due to his simple outlook an unknown person hardly consider him as a scholar. Even he served food to residing students with their hands. When I was studying Hades in Jamia al Alum Islamia  Karachi .My respected teacher Hazrat Mufti Wali Hassan told the incident, I once wrote an answer & showed to him, a simple man who apparently sees rural farmers was, was sitting there, he said it was not right. I  interrupted in a faster way my teacher immediately said to me , “He is one of great students of “Allama Benori “Mufti Sahib said I was surprised with his outlook however I asked according to advise ,”please increase my knowledge with right answer” he said to bring a book & the book was brought up. When Hazrat opened the book the same page was opened, then said Faqir see this place. Hazrat Mufti Sahib expressed that my opinion really was not right. There were tears in eyes of my teacher he said.”I told u about him He is really a great scholar”. Hazrat Qureshi was more lucky that Hazrat Khair Mohammad Sahib was also there as a teacher he also got knowledge from him (Hazrat Khair Mohammad Sahib was father of great Hanafi scholar Sheikh Hazrat Molana Mohammad Makki Hejazi) Hazrat Sahib was very intelligent & angry person in nature but he was very kind to all the students. He had special interest in studying Hadith and Tafseer. He spent the last days of his life in Mecca even died and buried there too. Hazrat Qureshi got education for two years from these respected persons. Hazrat Molana Husain Ali from Bahawalpur was very famous in Tafseer when Molana was going to Deoband for further studies he visited him for one day .He said to bring Holy Quran. By chance Sorah Jin 29th portion of Holy Quran was opened He started describing the Holy Quran He was moving his finger on the word & his facial expression were excellent.

Presence at Daralalum Deoband Sharif

Hazrat Qureshi stayed for two weeks Daralalum Deoband & took the lessons of Bukhari Sharif from Hazrat Sheikh Husain Ahmed Madni. He moved to Jamia Islamia Dabhyl Bombay in 1358, because all the famous teachers of the time there were shifted to there at that time.

His Dignified Teachers
Followings are few names of his respected teachers
Hazrat Molana Abdul Rehman Amrohi
Hazrat Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani
Hazrat Sheikh Mohammad Yusuf Benori
Hazrat Badar Aalam
Hazrat Molana Mufti Mohammad Shafi
Allama Shamsul Haq Afghani
All the above mentioned persons transferred their knowledge to him & he also proved himself able of it

Special affection & Relation with Hazrat Benori
All of his teachers was respectful for him but he always showed special love and care about Hazrat Benori. He always sent him gifts of seasonal fruits specially Dry Dates of Kot Adu. At the occasion of Eid he packed the gift with his own hands On Eid day He always wore Jubbah & cap (these items were given to him by Hazrat Benori)
Not only he but also Hazrat Benori also liked him the most even once in Jamia Karachi he said if Allah inquired me on judgment day about my educational services than I will present Allama Dost Mohammed Qureshi as answer. Anyone can estimate their love & affection

Dream of Hazrat Benori

Once Hazrat Qureshi requested Hazrat Benori to pray for his salvation saying that he mostly remained busy in religious visits some time he could not offer prayer with Jam-at. Hazrat Benori said once I saw in a dream that there is a great ground till vision I saw may human beings there were prophets also , there was a bed embedded with jewels but it was empty it seemed  all were waiting for someone in the meantime I saw Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H)arrived in ways that your hand was in his hands Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H) said to you to stand on that bed to describe abilities of his companions as u described in the world, Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H) said to others Holy Prophets to listen your speech, as you started speaking suddenly I awoke. So be peaceful your travel was approved and accepted by Allah.
Father of Hazrat Benori was also there he said.” My dear son, Mohammad Yusuf, please Leave this topic I have seen more than this about him”.
In 1939 he stayed for one year at Jamia Islamia Dabhyl to study Hadith, and achieved significant success in annual examination. He became scholar at the age of 19 and started preaching & studying others.

      Following are few Names of his fellows & friends at Dabhyl

Hazrat Qari Mohammad Lutfullah
Hazrat Molana Mufti Zain ul Abideen
Hazrat Molana Abdul Sitar
Hazrat Molana Ghulam Mustafa
Hazrat Mohammad Azam Baig
Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Rehman Amrohi
Hazrat Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani
Hazrat Syed Husain Ahmed Madni
Hazrat Allama Mufti Mohammad Shafi
Hazrat Syed Mohammad Yusuf Sahib
Hazrat Syed Shamsul Haq Afghani
Hazrat Molana Badar Aalam

Meeting with Hazrat Imam Lucknowi

Hazrat Qureshi said I saw in Haram people were shaking hands with great devotion with a man having fascinating face with decent personality. I asked some of my friends about that man it was told to me that he was Hazrat Molana Mohammad Shakoor Lucknowi. I also shake hands with him & he asked about my introduction in his specific Lucknowi style I said.” my name is Dost Mohammad Qureshi “.Hazrat Lucknowi held my hand and asked if I was that Allama Mohammad Qureshi who wrote the Ahlay Sunnat pocket book & saved the belief of thousands of human. I replied in the affirmative. Hazrat said with great compassionate “I daily sit in front of Mercy myzab after prayer you may come here to understand things”. Since that day Hazrat Qureshi went there daily & learned a lot from Hazrat Lucknowi
      Spiritual affinity and relationship

Hazrat Qureshi had spiritual affinity and relationship with Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Abdul Naqshbandi
Ahlay Sunnat organization

Mr. Sardar Ahmad Khan Pitafy started an organization to collect the scattered power of Ahlay Sunnat .He gave name to that organization as Ahlay Sunnat. Its purpose was to guide people in totally non-political manner .First meeting of Council dated 12 December 1943 was held in Jam Pur district Dera Ghazi Khan District air & selection of officials for Executive Committee was performed. Sardar Mehmood Khan Leghari was selected as President, Sardar Ahmad Khan as Chief controller while Allama Syed Noor Hassan Shah was selected as Party Organizer. After establishing office on 14 April 1944 in Amritsar, Hazrat Bukhari devoted himself to organizational matters. Though office was established in a rural area, he worked very hard & as a result just within one year he introduced the organization throughout the whole country. When in 1945 a party meeting was arranged in Lahore a large no. of scholars attended the meeting such as Hazrat Abdul Shakoor Lucknowi, Hazrat Madni, Mufti Mohammad Kifayat ul Allah
Sardar Ahmad Khan invited Hazrat Qureshi to join the party & he accepted his offer warmly & became official member than he spent his whole life for the construction and development organization.
According Hazrat Imam Bukhari If Hazrat Qureshi had not spent on party he would construct his home with gold bricks. He served party at different times as President, Chief Director and President of. No one can deny that founder of the organization was Sardar Ahmad Khan but it was only Hazrat Qureshi who travelled from town to town, city to city & introduced the organization from Karachi to the Khyber. He went in different religious gatherings & visited different religious institutes to introduce the organization He was considered as soul of organization.

      Permanent Shifting to Kot Adu

When Hazrat Sheikh Molana Abdul Malik bestowed him Final Approval & a lot of people started getting education from him. Most of the people belong from Northern areas & following districts (Attock, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Jhang, Bhakkar, Layyah) .
He consulted Hazrat Molana Mohammad Masood founder of Daralalum Madina Kot Adu & finally In 1964 moved Kot Adu on permanent basis. Late Choudhry Farooq Ahmad dedicated area for mosque, where Naqshbandi Mosque was founded along with a school was established named  Furqanyh & all praise are to Allah only that both Mosque & School are working properly till now
When I finished my Hadith studies then I focused my attention towards Madrasa as a result a large no. of students joined here, space was limited but Allah helped us from unseen hands respected Mr. Hakim Anwar Ahmad gifted a madras which founded by his father Hazrat Qari Rahim Din (may Allah bless on them) Foundation of new School was kept by Dr Habibullah Mukhtar & Hazrat Mohammad Amin Aokarvi in the presence of the other respected people. There is a valuable growth in constructive and educational fields in very short time More than 2 millions have spent & total area of building is 14 Kanal .No. of male & female students is more than 500 till today May Allah increase our work.

      Dar ul Muballagheen
Originally the name “Dar ul Muballagheen” is derived from the name of school which was founded by Hazrat Lucknowi in Lucknow (India) the same name was also given to an institute which was founded by Ahlay Sunnat organization. From that institute a large no. of scholars arose & served Muslim religion. It was result of efforts of Molana Syed Noor-ul-Hassan Shah Bukhari ,Allama Mohammad Qureshi ,Allama Mohammad Abdul Sitar Allama Khalid Mahmud Allama Mohammad Nafi Mohammad Sharif Molana Lal Husain Akhtar Molana Abdul Rahim Minhaj Hazrat Molana Mohammad Hayat Molana Manzoor Ahmad Chinioti. Hazrat Mohammad Safdar Amin
Supreme council of organization arranged different training courses at Faisalabad, Kehrurpka and other places according to requirements since 1965 Dar ul Muballagheen was selected as central place for the training & education of scholars on permanent basis so a lot of students from all over the Pakistan & from abroad come here & quench their intellectual thirst. After many years of death of Hazrat Qureshi this institute was shifted to Multan due to unknown reasons.


(1) The Ahlay Sunnat pocket book
Jila ul Alazhan (3) Jila ul Alafham (4) Rud ul Mtaan (5) Al Qool a Jali fee Salat a Ali (6) Brahyn Ahlaysuna two parts (7) Azmata Sihabah (8) Misbah ul Muqarareen  (9) Minhaj ul Tableegh (10) Makhzan ul Taqareer (11) Mudalil Aqeeday (12) Tautuf Khulfai Rashdeen (13) Kasful Haqeeqat an Masail Maarfat waltareeqat (14) Altashreeh alal Talveeh (15) Wazahat al Nahav sharah Hidayatal Nahav  (16) Jamia  Almujribat Alhashmiah(17 ) Minhaj ul Itibaa(18) Munazrah  Jhoke Dayah (District Jhang) (19) Munazrah Miran Malha (District Multan) (20) Monthly Dawat aur Tanzeem Ahlay Sunnat (21) Nizam Khalis Islam
His preaching style was very simple & attractive so that every person could pick his points He was the second most popular & busy preacher of Islam after Hazrat Ameer Sharia There was not even a single a great conference where he was not invited His speeches were simple without any artificial impression & he always delivered speech humbly. Mostly he kept close young scholars with him & advise them how to speech similarly mention their mistakes due to his teaching many new scholars became able to preach  For example,
Hazrat Molana Mohammad Abdul Shakoor
Hazrat Molana Karam Elahi
Hazrat Syed Abdul Razaq
Hazrat Mohammad Salaman
Hazrat Qari Mohammad Nasrullah
Hazrat Qari Atta ullah
Hazrat Khuda Buksh
Mr. Khan Mohammad Kamtar & many more

Following is short list of his debates.
Munazrah Jhoke Dayah

It was situated in district Jhang at Jhoke Dayah in front of Hazrat Molana Qamar Deen Syalvi. Hazrat Mohammad Qureshi participated while opponent was Mohammad Ismail topic under discussion were these “Is there any change in Holy Quran? Fidak & Either Hazrat Abu-Bakr was Right for becoming Muslim Leader after Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)?
It was held on 18/9/1955 for four hours on daily basis. During the debate it happened a lot of times that Hazrat Peer Syalvi kissed the forehead of Hazrat Qureshi & praised him for his knowledge Allah has granted victory to him & the opponents did not dare to challenge for ten years .

Munazrah Islam Pur

Hazrat Molana Khair Mohammad was president in this debate the topic was “Darood” Opponent debater Mohammad Ismail  did not dare to stand for third session
It was introduction of some his debates if we make a list of debates where the opponent did not came ,it will be very long.
Participating in Politics
Despite of his humble & mysticism nature he was appointed as General Secretary of Jamiat Ul Mai Hind in his native district. With the commands of supreme council of organization he participated in election in 1970 as a candidate for National Assembly, he got twenty-five thousand votes & thus increased vote bank of organization.

Role in Finality of Prophet Hood Movement

in 1953 this movement was on full swing. Several leading scholars & People were kept in prison. In those days Hazrat Muhammad Qureshi visited their homes and delivered food items & was trying to fulfill other requirements.

Customs & Get-up
His height was Mediocre giving impression of being tall—-big eyes with lengthy eyelashes wide forehead thick eye brows Hard body Beard till chest some hairs under lips were white. Mostly he covers his head with Dastar & sometimes he uses Arabic Handkerchief. He was too polite & humble in nature that any unknown person became frank feeling that he knew him from times .Normally he offered food stuff to others with his own hand, if he hugged someone, he kissed the forehead of new comer. Hazrat was a successful preacher, excellent teacher, popular Speaker, noble man, great author. Despite all of these qualities he always remained humble.
      Sorrowful Death
Every one have to leave this world one day He remained quit healthy since 1969.Once he was travelling for preach in 1969 he suffered paralysis. He not only recovered but also participated in National Assembly Election in 1970 & also went Sindh for a debate. However he had to use medicines occasionally. On 23rd of May He delivered Juma Preach .In the evening we went Masjid Chowk. Then we travelled for Multan and visited Malik Ameer Buksh at his home Near Railway Station, Multan,

Then we went Husain Aagahi to a specific shop .My father said to serve me with Sweet Kheer. He showed a lot of love & affection on that day .He had to carry on further traveling so he managed to send me back at my home in Kot Adu. I did not know today was my last meeting with my father  … I’m going to orphan … … Tomorrow is the father’s affection will keep suffering for … people will keep his hand on my head … will love … love … but I was unable to understand that I have to become guardian of my widowed mothers, orphaned sisters …I am sure if he knew that he would never ever leave me alone … never alone my father does not … nor was my father’s the news that my innocent son’s head such a burden is going to come … tomorrow my innocent son have to wear my Dastar and turban on his head … No others will tie it on his head … I believe if he knew this then he would say me to go along … not leave me alone … because being the only son because his future hopes were associated with me … loved me so much as a kind father does with his children. I want to write more but…… heart pains,

      I came back & he moved further.
On Sunday 26 May 1974 at Mlanualy town Bhakkar he did a speech after Zuhar .He arrived at the railway station in the evening & offered Isha prayer. He intended to visit Hazrat Mohammad Abdul Malik at Multan; he was ill & was going to be operated.
When train arrived at railway station his companion arranged a seat for him as train was about to move he said to his companions to put back the luggage as he started feeling pain in his chest. The doctor of nearby hospital was called but he didn’t have medicines. He was shifted to civil hospital, he started reciting Holy Quran & during reciting Holy Quran his soul left his body for ever. When Doctor of Civil hospital visited him he was died. Doctor said that it was first experience of his life that he was seeing a dead person having face freshness like a live person.
His companions informed Hazrat Molana Mohammad Abdullah, Hafiz Mumtaz Ali &Hazrat Molana Mohammad Ramadan about this sorrowful incident. With the help of these companions his dead body was sent to Kot Adu by next available train. We received this news with great grief. All people remained stunt… markets were closed … not only old but also young generation was looking like a picture of grief. May 27 Monday 1974 was the day when hundreds of people were gathered to receive his dead body at Kot Adu Railway. After giving bath he was kept in a room in Jamia because a lot of people were waiting eagerly to see his last sight Hazrat  Syed Noor Hassan Shah Sahib Bukhari & Allama Mohammad Abdul Sitar were standing on the door of mosque & receiving condolence messages from people .With unknown sources news of his death spread in whole country even at 5 pm on National radio the news of his death was also announced ( please keep in mind ,in that time telephone was very rare & there was no concept of Cell phone the major source of information was Radio)
The time for his Salat Janaza was fixed after Zuhar prayer. Funeral processing started exactly at 4.05pm in Govt. High School Ground Kot Adu. Thousands of peoples participated in his funeral processing & uncounted no. of women were standing on roves of their homes to see the last sight of their popular religious leader. At last after Janaza prayer time came & he was buried in his grave near at his own purchased land near mosque. Adjacent to his grave there are graves of his beloved mother & elder brother Molana Fayez Mohammad.
Special Companion

Molana Ghulam Farid, Molana Abdul Hadi, Molvi Mohammad Qasim spent a lot of time with him. Hafiz Ahmed Buksh had religious attachment with Molana Mohammad Abdullah but he served here for a long time He died on 24/4/2006 after a long illness (May his soul rest in peace)
Role of respected brother Faqir Allah Wasaya is unforgettable. He served 22 years even after the death of Hazrat Qureshi he managed whole system actively. His duties were managing the mosque but not limited to it. He managed institute, my education & expenses of my home too, now he moved back to his homeland Layyah but he is still monitoring the income & expenses of institute.

Condolence messages & views of different scholars at the death of Hazrat Qureshi
Hazrat Molana Abdul Haq
Hazrat Abdul Haq declared his death as an irreparable loss  & advised to continue his mission
Sheikh Allama Syed Mohammad Yusuf said in their
Monthly newspaper Bayyanat ,”we are feeling grief that our true friend & great scholar Hazrat Molana Dost Mohammad left us forever 26 May 1974 .”
Hazrat Molana Ghulam Ghaus Hazarvi
Came to home and condoled, during his stay, he mentioned his good qualities.
Hazrat Molana Mufti Mehmood came in the Office of organization situated in Multan and said that organization was deprived of his great leader and spokesman.
Hazrat Molana Sarfraz said that when he first heard the statement of Hazrat Qureshi he thought him as a great Speaker but when he read his books he admitted him as an extremely great scholar.
Hazrat Molana Ubaid Allah Anwar said in monthly magazine ‘Khudam ul Deen’
“Hazrat Allama Mohammad Qureshi died to heart attack he was traveling after a speech. Hazrat Qureshi devoted his whole life for Islam to religion, his death has generated a long lasting He was a great researcher, author, teacher and Speaker. May Allah bless on him”
Hazrat Molana Ghulam Ullah Khan at the occasion of his death he was in prison so he wrote condoling letter from there however when he was released, he came Kot Adu & said his effort to deny Bidah would remain continue.

Hazrat Molana Syed Hassan Bukhari said

His whole life spent in preaching. Either it was summer or cold, rain or disease even his domestic needs were not any obstacle in his work. Allah liked his work was too much that he died during preach.

Allama Mohammad Abdul Sitar said that he & Hazrat Qureshi were same in religious thoughts. Regarding transactions he was very careful he sacrificed more for the party than anyone.
Hazrat Allama Dr Khalid Mehmood
Hazrat Allama Mohammad Qureshi was counted in those lucky persons who have knowledge of Islam & reflected their knowledge with practice. When Sikandar Mirza was president & Muzafar Ali Qazalbash was governing West Pakistan, all scholars were in trouble .During that bad time he worked hard to save Muslim beliefs.
Except the above mentioned persons admired his efforts for Islam but also a lot of other scholars admitted his efforts such as Molana Abdul Malik, Molana Qazi Mazhar Husain, Molana Ali Mohammad, Molana Manzoor Ahmad, Molana Manzoor -ul-Haq, Molana Habibullah and others


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