Mawlana Muhammad Manzur Nu’mani

On 27th Zul Hijjah 1417 (5 May 1997), another star of knowledge and piety set. The demise of Moulana Muhammed Manzoor Numani (RA) touched the heart of thousands of Muslims around the world who knew him either personally or through his writings.

Moulana Sayid Abul Hasan Nadwi (RA), a contemporary of Moulana Numani (RA) and a great author of our times addressing a congregation in the Nadwatul Ulama Musjid, emphatically outlined the remarkable achievements and qualities of the deceased. Moulana Nadwi spent some fifty years as his close associate and companion and had requested him to settle in Lucknow after he had begun his Dîni work in Bareilly.

Moulana Numani’s (RA) speech and writings speak volumes about his erudition and all-round knowledge of tafsîr, hadîth, fiqh and the deviated sects. Having obtained his knowledge from the likes of Allamah Anwar Shah Kashmiri (RA), it is no wonder that he was so thoroughly versed and immersed in knowledge. He remained engrossed in Dîni activity till the end of his life.

Moulana (RA) was well acquainted with the beliefs and ideologies of all deviated sects. He used to quote from the books as if he was reading out text, from a book. Moulana was an expert debator and he defended Islam against the beliefs of the Qadiyanis, Barelwis and others. He protected Islam from all the forms of shirk and, bidah.

When the situation in India deteriorated for, the Muslims, he intended to establish a movement for the defence of all Muslim. For this aim he traveled to all the different centers of learning in India and Pakistan with Moulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi (RA). Finally they reached Nizamuddin and consulted Moulana Ilyas (RA). They eventually decided to lend their full support for the work of Dawah and towards this end they travelled to many cities and addressed the masses.

Moulana Numani’s (RA) political thinking was greatly influenced by his alma mater and he became associated with Jamiatul Ulama Hind, the most notable among the ‘nationalist’ Muslim groupings. Although he was nor a member of its central committee, his understanding of Indian politics seemed to command the respect of the Jamiat leadership. He used to be invited specially to important sessions of the jamiat. Moulana (RA)was bay’at to Hadrat Raipuri (RA) who used to say that on the day of Qiyâmah if Allâh Ta’âla has to ask what he brought, he would reply that he brought Moulana Numani(RA).

Moulana Numani (RA) combined both the work of Da’wah and being an educationist. Most often the one who is involved in Da’wah does not have the time for studying while the on involved with books cannot spare time for Da’wah. Moulana managed to do both tasks simultaneously.

Although Moulana (RA)was a graduate of Deoband, he had very close links with Nadwa. On the insistence of its, authorities, he taught hadîth at Nadwa and remained a member of the administration for a very long period.

Moulana (RA) was an excellent author. He wrote many books that have been widely accepted. Most of them have been translated into English.

Amongst others, he wrote a detailed work on hadîth called Ma’ariful Hadîth [Meaning and Message of the Traditions] ‘What is Islam?’; ‘What the Qur’ân tells you’ and Dîn and Sharî‘ ah’. Notwithstanding all his other obligations, he published a monthly journal ‘Al Furqân’ which is an internationally accepted magazine.

May Allâh Ta’âla grant the Ummah benefit through all his publications and grant him Jannah Firdous.



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