Mawlānā Fakhr al-Ḥasan Gangūhī

By Sayyid Mahbub Rizwi
Translated by Prof. Murtaz Husayn F. Qurayshi

His native-place was Gangoh. Three of the disciples of Hazrat Mawlana Muhammad Qasim Nanautavi are very famous: Shaikh al-Hind Maulana Mahmud Hasan Deobandi, Maulana Ahmed Hasan Amrohi and Maulana Fakhr al-Hasan Gangohi. He entered the Dar al-Ulum in A.H. 1284 and graduated from it in A.H. 1290 along with Maulana Ahmed Hasan Amrohi. He used to remain in attendance on his teacher, Hazrat Nanautavi, both during his travels and in settled abode. He was very much interested in polemics. He acquired education in the Unani System of Medicine from Hakim Mahmud* Khan in Delhi. His conversation and speech were very sweet and fascinating.

After graduation, he was appointed head-teacher in A.H. 1294 in the madrasah at Khurja. Then he went to Madrasah Abd al-Rabb in Delhi. He published some of Hazrat Nanautavi’s books. The Mubahasa-e Shahjahanpur is of his compilation; its original manuscript is extant in the Dar al-Ulum. In Hadith he has written a scholium in detail on Abu Da’ud which is entitled Al-Taliq al-Mahmud. This scholium has been printed in Matba-e Majeedi, Kanpur, and is commonly current. Besides this, he has written a scholium on Ibn Maja also which had been printed at Nami Press, Kanpur. There is one scholium by him on Talkhis al-Miftah also. He had also written a detailed biography of his teacher, Hazrat Nanautavi, comprising more or less one thousand pages.

Maulana Fakhr al-Hasan, due to some domestic necessities, had given up residence at Gangoh and had gone to Kanpur where he had settled down permanently and had started his medical practice. By chance his house there caught fire and along with other books the manuscript of the said biography also was reduced to ashes. He died in A.H. 1315 at Kanpur and lies buried there. Detailed particulars about him are not available.

* He was Hakim Ajmal Khan’s father and a great hakim of Delhi. Mirza Ghalib, the renowned Urdu poet who was his contemporary, wrote a moving elegy on his death. (Translator)

Rizvi, Sayyid Mahboob (1981). History of the Dar al-’Ulum Deoband, Volume 2. Deoband: Idara-e Ihtemam. p. 21-2

Additional anecdote from Malfuzat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi Volume 2

Once, Hadhrat Moulana Fakhr-ul-Hasan Gangohi was summoned to court to discuss a certain matter. During the course of the proceedings, the topic of insanity came about. Moulana then explained 57 different types of insanity together with their symptoms and their cures. He also explained which type was prevalent in which areas.

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