Shaykh ‘Abd al-Ḥamīd ’Ismā‘īl Zahy

The eminent Islamic scholar, Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdolhamid Ismaeelzahi is the most influential religious and social leader of the Sunni community in Iran. Besides, he is one of the leading sober and vigilant Muslim scholars in the region. Where was he born and grown? Where did he get education and what are his activities and services? The answers are as before you.

Birth Place & Growth:
He was born in 1947 (1366 H. Q) in “Galougah” (گلوگاه) village, an area in the vicinity of Zahedan, south east of Iran. Shaikh Ismaeelzahi grew up in a religious, decent and respectable family. His parents were very close to their Almighty God and used to offer night prayers (Tahajjod) and observe fast three days monthly.

Journey for Seeking Knowledge:
He joined Qur’anic schools when he was very young where he got elementary Islamic books. As there was not any Islamic college or Seminary in Zahedan at that time, he decided to travel to Pakistan for further Islamic education.

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Hafiz Ibn al-Salah al-Shahrazuri: Scholar of Hadith

Taken from An Introduction to the Science of Hadith, translation of Hafiz Ibn al-Salah’s Kitab Ma’rifat anwa’ ‘ilm al-Hadith. Translated by Dr. Eerik Dickinson, reviewed by Prof. Muneer Fareed. Published by The Center for Muslim Contribution to Civilization, London: 2005.

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Khulafa’ list of Shaykh Masih Allah Khan al-Sherwani

Majazin Bay`at


Haji Muhammad Faruq – Bayt al-Ashraf, Bagh Hayat Sukkur
Dr. Muhammad Tanwir Ahmad Khan – Bangla No 4 C Block A Latifabad Hyderabad
Dr. `Abd al-Ghaffar Shaykh – Bayraj Road Sukkur
Colonel Arshad Ayaz – Choburji Quarters
Dr. `Aqil al-Din Ahmad – 78 A Model Town Lahore
Habib Allah – SPIT Service Mour Gujarat
Hajji Muhammad Bashir Ahmad – Zamindar Boat Shop Layyah
Mawlana Wakil Ahmad Sherwani – 78 A Model Town Lahore
Khalil Ahmad Wakil – 887 A Abdullah Town Seekar North Karachi
Dr. Muhammad Siraj – Bannu Sarhad
I`yaz `Ali – Sukkur


Mawlana Muhammad Safi Allah Sherwani – Jalalabad Muzaffarnagar
Mawlana `Abd al-Rahim Madrasi – Ma`had al-`Ulum al-Islamia Andhra Pradesh
Mawlana Muhammad Qamr – 10 – 80 Purah Manuhar Das Akbarpur Ilahabad
Mawlana Zaki al-Din – Nizamia Dawa Khana Tamil Nadu
Mawlana Nur al-Din – Madrasah Ta`lim al-Islam Tarak Kashmir
Ahlullah – Qadhi St. Parnambat Tamil Nadu
Mawlana Qari `Abd al-Rahim Mewati – Jami’ah Miftah al-`Ulum Jalalabad
Prof. Sayyid `Ali Shah Masdar – Kashmir

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Shaykh Mahmud Effendi

In our century, when describing the advancement of Islam, it is not possible for historians to ignore Mahmut Ustaosmanoğlu, who is also known as Mahmud Efendi. The fact is that Sheikh Mahmud Efendi is the first figure, not only in Turkey but also in the whole Islamic world, who comes to mind when the word taqwa or the idea of practicing the Sunnah saniyyah is mentioned, and this  is due to his care on these matters.

        Mahmud Efendi lives in Istanbul and has spent all of his life in the service of Islam, humanity and peace. He has worked so ambitiously and enthusiastically that it is almost impossible for others to keep pace with him.

      Mahmud Efendi was born in 1929 in a village called Miço (Tavşanlı) where in Of the township of the province of Trabzon-Turkey. His father, Ali Efendi, the son of Mustafa Efendi, and his mother, Fatima Hanimefendi the daughter of Tûfan Efendi, were highly respected people who were known for their asceticism and piety.Read More »

Khulafah list of Mufti Mahmud al-Hasan Gangohi


1. Moulana Ibraheem Patni (Gujarat)
2. Haji Abu Bakr (Chennai)
3. Moulana Mufti Abul Qaasim Nu ‘maani (Varanasi)
4. Moulana Abul Kalaam (Tamil Nadu)
5. Moulana Mufti Ahmed Khanpuri (Dhabhel — Gujarat)
6. Moulana Mufti Ahmed Dehlawi (Jambusar – Gujarat))
7. Moulana Ahmed Buzurg (Dhabhel)
8. Haji Ahmed Kabeer [RA] (Chennai)
9. Moulana Mufti Muhammad Akhtar (RA) (Panjaab)
10. Moulana Qaari Muhammad Idrees (Delhi)
11. Moulana Muhammad Islaam (Deoband)
12. Moulana Muhammad Aslam (Ghaziabad U.P)
13. Moulana Muhammad Ismail Qasmi (Deoband)
14. Moulana Ikraamul Haq (Rajisthan)
15. Moulana Mufti Ikraamud Deen (Gujarat)
16. Moulana Imaamud Deen (W. Bengal)
17. Moulana Imdaadullah Chodri (W. Bengal)
18. Moulana Anwaar Ahmed (Kanpur U.P.)
19. Moulana Muhammad Anees Khan (Deoband)
20. Moulana Mufti Muhammad Ayyub (Haapur U.P.)
21. Moulana Mufti Muhammad Ayyub Shah (Kashmir)
22. Janaab Iyaazul haq (U.P)
23. Haji Jameelud Deen (Calcatta West Bengal)
24. Haji Jameel Ahmed (U.P)
25. Moulana Mufti Habibur Rahman (Deoband)
26. Moulana Husain Ahmed Paandoli (U.P)
27. Moulana Khaalid (Sahaaranpur)
28. Moulana Mufti Khalil Ahmed (Kaawi – Gujarat)
29. Moulana Muhammad Rahmatullah Meer Qaasmi (Kashmir)
30. Moulana Mufti Rashid Ahmed Fareedi (Gujarat)
31. Moulana Mufti Sabeel Ahmed (Tamil Nadu)
32. Hakeem Moulana Muhammad Sa’ood Ajmeri (Mumbay)
33. Moulana Sa’eed Ahmed (U.P)
34. Moulana Muhammad Salmaan Gangohi (Gangoh)
35. Moulana Saiful Haq (W. Bengal)
36. Moulana Mufti Muhammad Shaakir Ali (W.Bengal)
37. Moulana Muhammad Shafee’ Umarjee (Gujarat)
38. Moulana Muhammad Shafee’ Miyaa Simlaki [RA] (Gujarat)
39. Moulana Shaukat Ali (Mumbay)
40. Moulana Mufti Muhammad Taahir (Sahaaranpur)
41. Moulana Mufti Zaheerul Islaam [RA] (U.P)
42. Moulana Mufti Abdul Jabbaar (Muzaffarnagar U.P)
43. Moulana Mufti Abdur Rahman Guddaawi (Bihar)
44. Moulana Mufti Abdur Raheem (Bhopal M.P.)
45. Moulana Abdur Rashid Sultaanpuri (U.P)
46. Moulana Abdul Ghaffaar (W. Bengal) [RA]
47. Moulana Abdul Qaadir (West Bangal)
48. Moulana Abdul Qaadir (North Bangal)
49. Moulana Abdul Qayyum (Bihar) [RA]
50. Haafiz Muhammad ‘Ateeq (Kanpur)
51. Moulana Muhammad Uthmaan (Aassam)
52. Moulana Abdul Lateef (Chennai)
53. Moulana ‘Ali ‘Ibaad (Banaras U.P) [RA]
54. Qaari Muhammad ‘Ainul Haq (Bihaar) [RA]
55. Moulana Qaari ‘Ainul Haq Naabina (Calcatta)
56. Moulana Mufti Muhammad Faarooq (Meerut U.P)
57. Moulana Muhammad ‘Ali (Gujarat)
58. Moulana Muhammad bin Abdul Hayy (Gujarat)
59. Moulana Mufti Mahmood Hasan (Deoband)
60. Moulana Mufti Mahmood Baardoli (Gujarat)
61. Hakeem Mahmood Ajmeri (Gangoh)
62. Moulana Mufti Muhammad Masroor (RA) (Jaipur – Rajistaan)
63. Moulana Mas’ood Ahmed (Ghaziabad U.P)
64. Moulana Mutee’ur Rahmaan (Bihaar)
65. Moulana Mu’eenul Islaam Gohaali (Cuttack Orissa)
66. Moulana Mufti Maqsood (Saharan Pur)
67. Moulana Musa Haji Kacholwi [RA] (Gujarat)
68. Moulana Noorul Hasan (Banaras U.P)
69. Moulana Muhammad Noorullah (Andra Pradesh)
70. Moulana Muhammad Haarun Maniar (Surat)
71. Moulana Muhammad Haashim Rawat [RA] (Gujarat)
72. Moulana Muhammad Yaameen (Haapur U.P)
73. Moulana Muhammad Ya’qoob [RA] (Ghazi Aabad U.P.)
74. Munshi Muhammad Ya’qoob (Meerut)
75. Moulana Mufti Muhammad Yusuf (Deoband)
76. Moulana Muhammad Yusuf [RA] (W. Bengal)
77. Moulana Muhammad Yusuf Hans Simlaki (Gujarat)

Sheikh Maulana Sirajur Rahman Nadwi al-Qadhi

By Abu Sa’d Muhammad Mu’adh an-Nadwi
On Sunday, 6th December, 2009 (19th Dhul Hijjah, 1430), the world lost yet another Aalim, who played a vital role in enhancing Islamic education and projects, especially in Kenya. Sheikh Sirajur Rahman died of cardiac failure in the morning of the said date, while undergoing treatment at the Farooq Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya.  

The sudden death shocked the Muslims of East Africa, and this was
attested by the huge number of Muslims ever witnessed in a funeral in the city, who jammed the Memon Villa masjid and its environs to grace the opportunity to participate in the salatul janaza for the Sheikh the next day, which was led by the Sheikh’s old colleague and friend, Sheikh Abdul Khaliq Tariq, who is based in Uganda. Sheikh Sirajur Rahman leaves behind a widow, two sons and five daughters.

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Mawlana ‘Abd ar-Rahman ibn Ahmad al-Jami


Please tell me more on what Abdul-Rahmaan Jami writes about the battle of Siffeen and about Ali (RA) is true in his Shawahid un Nubuwwah ‘I testify there is no God but Allah. I testify that Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah, and I testify that Ali is the Wasi of the Prophet Muhammad’. Is Abdul-Rahman Jami a reliable author or scholar of the Sunni?


My response to the incident allegedly quoted by Mawlana Jami follows:

Mawlana ‘Abd ar-Rahman ibn Ahmad al-Jami was a great scholar and Sufi who died in 898 AH. He excelled in various fields, such as grammar, philosophy, logic, theology and jurisprudence, in which field he followed the Hanafi school. In addition he was a refined poet of the Persian language.

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