Qāri ʻAbd Allāh al-Makkī

By Qāri Muḥammad Salīm Ghaybī (Gaibie)

Due to the oppression of the people in India by the English occupation, Qāri ̆Abd Allah moved to Mecca with his father Muhammad Bashīr Khan in 1284 A.H./1867 C.E. Bashīr Khan had three sons: Muhammad  ̆Abd Allah, Muhammad  ̆Abd al-Rahmān and Muhammad Habīb al-Rahmān. In Mecca he ensured that they all received a good education.

He studied various sciences under Moulana Rahmah Allah al-Kayrānway in the Haram of Mecca and in Madrasah al-Soulatiyyah. It was his fervent efforts in the field of Qirā`āt that resulted in him rendering the Qur`ān according to the seven and ten Qirā`āt via the Tarīq of the Shātibiyyah , the Durrah and the Tayyibah to the Egyptian expert Sheikh Ibrāhīm Sa ̆d. After mastering these sciences he was appointed as teacher of Tajwīd and Qirā`āt in Madrasah al-Soulatiyyah.

He would practice Qirā`āt (mashq) for one hour as his daily routine. He would tell his students: “If this (practice) does not become a regular habit (for a reciter) then he will never control his ability in recitation and pronunciation. Therefore, every reciter should not neglect his daily practice (mashq).”

He got married in Mecca and stayed there till the end of his days. He taught and served the Qur`ān until his last breath. He died in 1337 A.H./1919 C.E.


  • Moulana Rahmah Allah al-Kayrānway – he was an ardent student of Moulana Kayrānway under whom he studied various sciences of Islam.
  • Sheikh Ebrāhīm Sa ̆d – he read the seven and ten Qirā`āt to him.


  • Moulana Ashraf ̆Ali al-Thānawī – he received ijāzah from Qāri ̆Abd Allah in Qirā`āt and for Qur`ān.[1]
  • Qāri ̆Abd al-Rahmān al-Makkī, brother of Qāri ̆Abd Allah – he read the seven and ten Qirā`āt to him.
  • ̆Abd al-Mālik ibn Sheikh Jīwan – he read the narration of Hafs to him.

  1. See ijāzah of Moulana Muhammad  ̆Ubayd Allah, rector of the University of Lahore from Moulana Ashraf to Moulana ̆Alā` al-Dīn al-Afghānī.

A ̆lām al-Makkiyyīn Vol. 2 pg. 748. Tadhkiratu Qāriyāne Hind Vol. 1 pg. 233.

The Qur’ān – its Oral Transmission p. 138

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