Mawlānā Rasūl Khān Hazārwī

MADANI MASJID old thablighi markaz makanbagh mingora swat by inam khanMoulana Rasul Khan ˛ was born in 1871 C.E. in Hazarah, Pakistan. He was the son of Moulana Mahmud ‘Ali ibn Muhammad Gul Khan Saahib ˛ and obtained his initial education in his hometown. Thereafter he proceeded to Ahmadul Madaris in Sikandarpur where he learnt the Darse Nizaami (the text books of the Aalim course) by the renowned scholar of Deoband, Moulana Ahmad Faadil Hazarwi ˛. After spending some time in Kamelpur, he departed for Deoband where he completed his remaining studies over a period of three years. He studied the books of Hadith under Sheikhul Hind ˛. He qualified in the year 1323 A.H.

After qualifying, he was appointed as an ustaadh in Madrasah Imdaadul Islam in Meerut where he taught for nine years. Thereafter, he came to Darul-Uloom Deoband upon the request of its elders. He taught there for twenty years. Among his students at Deoband were renowned scholars such as Mufti Shafi’, Moulana Yusuf Binnori, Moulana Idris Khandelwi, Qari Tayyib and Moulana Shamsul-Haqq Afghani  among others.

At the request of Moulana Muhammad Hasan Amritsari ˛, he proceeded to Jami’ah Ashrafiyyah in Lahore where he was appointed as the Sheikhul Hadith of the Madrasah. He taught at this institute from 1954 till 1971. Thousands of students quenched their thirst for knowledge at this “well of ilm” during this period.

Besides his capacity as a great Muhaddith and Mufassir, he was also a sheikh-e-kamil (accomplished spiritual mentor). He was initially bay‘at to Sheikhul Hind ˛. After Sheikhul Hind’s demise, he completed his spiritual reformation at the hands of Hadhrat Moulana Thaanwi ˛ who granted him khilaafat.

Mufti Shafi’ Saahib ˛ commented: “Allah Ta’ala granted Moulana Rasul Khan Saahib ˛ perfection in every field. Every student would easily understand his lessons.”

On the 3rd Ramadhaan 1391 A.H. he passed away with the words of the Qur-aan on his lips. On his demise, ‘Allamah Yusuf Binnori ˛ stated: “With the demise of Moulana, there is no hope of filling the gap for centuries of such an all encompassing figure in the field of teaching. With his demise, one century of educational history has been toppled in the Indo-Pak subcontinent. The departure of Moulana means the departure of knowledge, piety, teaching, humility, constancy and other virtues.”

Moulana Ghulamullah Khan Saahib ˛ said: “Ah, the tongue which spread knowledge and wisdom has become silent. The subcontinent has been deprived of the sun of knowledge and recognition. His demise denotes the drying-up of the ocean of knowledge.”


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